BIM & CAD Drawings

BIM models and CAD drawings for Duradek PVC waterproof membranes are available to assist you in designing and specifying Duradek for your deck, balcony, and flat roof deck projects.

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Note: As a supplier of finished product only, Duradek does not assume responsibility for errors in design, engineering, or dimensions. The architect, engineer, specifier, contractor or owners’ representative must verify all dimensions, sizes, and suitability of details, and are in accordance with governing building codes.

View or download the following documents or drawings to specify Duradek Vinyl Membranes for your project.

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BIM models (Revit files):

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BIM model, CAD drawings, and Specifications for Duradek Ultra Vinyl Membrane on CADdetailsview here.

CAD Drawings:

Collection of all 52 Duradek Detail Drawings

Duradek Detail Drawings: Outside Perimeters

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-01 – PVC Clip

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-02 – “L” Trim

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-03 – PVC Coated Metal Flashing with Butt Ends

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-04 – PVC Coated Metal Flashing with Overlap

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-05 – Plywood Fascia

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-06 – Concrete Fascia

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-07 – Radius Fascia

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-08 – Verge at Steep Roofing

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-09 – Deck/Wall Intersection

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-10 – Water Diverters (optional)

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-11 – Wood Curb

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-12 – Free Standing Wall

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-13 – Cantilevered Fascia

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-14 – Deck Masonry Wall Intersection

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-15 – ANSI/SPRI ES-1 Design

Outside Perimeter Detail OS-16 – Curb Tie-In to Membrane

Post Detail P-01

Column Detail C-01

Roof Covering Assembly C-A – to Achieve Class ‘A’ Fire Rating

Aluminum Railing Curb or Fascia Mounted R-01

Aluminum Railing Surface Mounted R-02

Aluminum Railing Surface Mounted – With Raised Base Plate R-03

Duradek Detail Drawings – Inside Perimeters

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-01 – ‘L’-Trim

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-01-alt-A – Acrylic Latex Adhesive @ Field Area

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-01-alt-B – Contact Adhesive @ Field Area

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-02 – Deep Profile Cladding

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-03 – Raised Curb Door

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-03-B– Raised Curb Door ALT

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-04 – Accessible Door

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-05 – Reglet Flashing

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-06 – Through Wall Flashing

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-07 – Tie Into Existing Membrane

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-08 A – Removable Trim Board Detail
– Vinyl Install Prior to Cladding

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-08 B – Removable Trim Board Detail
– Vinyl Install After Cladding

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-09 – Raised Step Door Detail

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-10 – Tie-In to Steep Roof

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-11 – EIFS with Raised Trim

Inside Perimeter Detail IS-12 – EIFS with Removable Trim

Duradek Detail Drawings – Over Non-Habitable Living Space (Not Governed by Building Codes)

Non-habitable NH-01 – L-Trim Flashing

Non-habitable NH-02 – Gum Pocket Flashing

Non-habitable NH-03 – Wall Water Cut-off

Non-habitable NH-04 – Concrete Slab Water Cutoff

Non-habitable NH-05 – Metal Post

Non-habitable NH-06 – Wood or Metal Post

Non-habitable NH-07 – Flush Door Sill

Non-habitable NH-08 – Raised Door Sill

Non-habitable NH-09 – Rainwater Leader (RWL) Thru Deck

Duradek Detail Drawings – Drains

Drain Detail DR-02 – Aluminum Deck Drain

Drain Detail DR-02-alt-A – PVC Coated Deck Drain

Drain Detail DR-03 – PVC Coated Box Scupper

Drain Detail DR-04 – PVC Coated Overflow

Drain Detail DR-05 – Concrete Drain with Surface Membrane Clamp

Drain Detail DR-06 – Trough Deck Drain with Aluminum DD2/DD3 Drain

For CAD Detail Drawings on Other Duradek Products

It’s all in the Details…

When it comes to successful deck or roof deck waterproofing, it’s all about the details. For an overview of some of the waterproofing details our installers are trained for, view or print this convenient graphic summary.

Duradek vinyl decking installation details
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