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Business Opportunities with Duradek – Distributors, Dealers, and Applicators Needed

Thank you for your interest in our company and products. Our plan of action, which has a proven success rate, has a simplistic approach – real support for our distributor and applicator network. The foundation of our support for key partners is our belief in training, installation, marketing, and lead generation.

Duradek is distributed exclusively through a select group of professionals. All of our dealers/distributors share a common thread, which is a willingness to take a proactive role in growing their company using the Duradek/Durarail systems. 

We are proud to partner with skilled contractors from a variety of segments of the construction and renovation industries. The unique attributes of Duradek’s product lines are well suited for professionals with backgrounds in:

  • Floor Laying
  • Roofing
  • General Construction
  • And of course, Decking

A superior product, excellent technical training, and strong marketing support keep Duradek the leading brand in its category – but it is the efforts of our quality dealers and applicators that get our product to the homes and buildings they are made to protect.

We match the efforts of our new partners by offering industry-leading standards in installation, sales and marketing, as well as lead generation. This is a lofty claim which we prove on a daily basis with our new and existing business partners…Put us to the test!

We are actively seeking out key individuals, companies, and organizations that have what it takes.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can build a business as a Duradek Dealer or add an additional profit center to your existing business, read our Business Opportunities Brochure. If you are not ready to start a business but would like to explore Installer opportunities, we can introduce you to Duradek Dealers in your area. 

Reach out and start a conversation with us.

In the United States, contact Susan Smith, Corporate Development Manager

In Canada, contact Kevin MacMillan, Corporate Development Manager

Or Inquire Below for more information on starting a Duradek business.

Duradek Dealership Inquiries

Simply send us your information to get the conversation started.

A Contractors Perspective on Duradek

See a video interview with Jon Namba of Namba Services in Utah for his thoughts on Duradek.

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