Multi-Residential Decks

Multi-Residential Decks and Balconies Done Right the First Time

Multi-residential property developers and managers need deck and balcony waterproofing products that they can rely on. Their decking solutions must provide:

  • Reliable waterproof performance to protect the building envelope
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Warrantied protection for peace of mind assurances
  • Very low maintenance required over the product’s lifetime
  • Attractive, easy-to-care-for surface for residents to enjoy

With Duradek vinyl membranes, decks and balconies stay protected while considering the waterproof integrity of the entire building envelope.

Duradek’s professional waterproofing techniques ensure moisture management is just that – managed. Moisture will always be present, but with Duradek’s proven performance, water infiltration never has to become an issue and the building envelope stays protected.

Other options like liquid coatings need ideal conditions to apply and require re-application to ensure waterproof performance. Liquid-applied coatings are also very vulnerable to cracking since they are unable to expand and contract with changing temperatures. Once the surface has any cracks, it is vulnerable to moisture. When this is not addressed immediately, it can lead to much bigger, costly repairs.

Take the Risk Out of Designing and Building Decks

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Duradek Introduction to multifamily architects and engineers

Duradek vinyl is installed in a one-time application without such specific temperature requirements. Its elasticity easily handles the expansion and contraction from changing temperatures, moving with the surface it is adhered to. A single application is all that is needed in the course of its lifetime which is warrantied for 15 years, but with a life expectancy of double that in most conditions.

For multi-residential properties, there are three additional key advantages that come with Duradek vinyl membranes:

  • Duradek is installed only by trained and authorized professionals that understand waterproofing details.
  • Duradek is installed with techniques that integrate the membrane into the building envelope and allow for ease of future replacement.
  • Duradek is safe to be installed over occupied space without major disruption to tenants and can be used as soon as it is applied.

For a cost-effective way to waterproof decks and balconies on multi-residential properties with the least amount of maintenance and disruption, talk to your local Duradek installer for more information.

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