Do-it-Yourself Waterproofing– NOT Recommended When Building a Deck

When building a deck, it’s tempting to make it a ‘do-it-yourself’ project to save a few dollars. While a good contractor may be able to prepare the structure to code and prepare the substrate, we strongly encourage you to leave the waterproofing to the professionals.

Deck Waterproofing is a Specialty Trade

Deck waterproofing is a specialty trade that even skilled general contractors fall short of mastering. Since 1974, Duradek has supplied sheet vinyl waterproofing for 100,000’s of homes and buildings throughout North America, so we know the particular nuances of deck and flat roof waterproofing details. We understand building code requirements, the importance of protecting the investment in your home, and where the most vulnerable trouble-areas are when it comes to water infiltration.

No matter how reliably manufactured a deck waterproofing product is, if it is not installed with consideration of professional waterproofing details, the structure is still vulnerable to the elements.

Duradek vinyl is applied ONLY through a network of trained and authorized applicators so we can be confident that the job is done right the first time.

To help your builder prepare your deck substrate surface for Duradek waterproof vinyl, please pass along this important information:

If you are building a deck, selecting sheet vinyl for your waterproofing solution is an excellent choice. For a smooth project from beginning to end be sure to consult with your Duradek installer for your specific project needs before you start construction. Below you will find some great tools to help you make your final purchasing decision.

Useful Resources

Download: Vinyl Purchase Checklist – to help you to know what to look for when comparing vinyl options (PDF)
Download: Railing Purchase Checklist – to help you to know what to look for when comparing aluminum railing options (PDF)
Download: Contractor Checklist – to help you know what questions to ask when you are selecting your deck expert (PDF)
Download: Details the Make the Duradek Difference – why professional details matter (PDF)
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