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Deck Membrane Systems for Superior Waterproof Performance

  • Duradek sheet vinyl membranes can be applied and used immediately.
  • The Duradek system is pre-engineered at the manufacturing facility under strict, 3rd party quality control.
  • Duradek is installed in a single application, in almost any weather condition.
  • Duradek membranes will never peel, chip, delaminate or crack.

With Duradek sheet vinyl membranes, a single application provides the waterproofing and an attractive surface in one product solution. Once the substrate is prepared, the Duradek sheets are rolled-out, glued down, and mechanically fastened at the perimeters. The sheets are fused together with a hot air welding process for a completely waterproof membrane.

Compare Duradek Advantages over Traditional Deck and Roofing Systems

Duradek is professionally applied by trained and authorized installers. Duradek’ vinyl’s multifunctional advantages bring time and cost savings when compared to other traditional deck or flat roof systems.

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Duradek vs Wood

When wood is wet or coated with mildew, it is a very hazardous surface to walk on. Once moisture has seeped into the wood, it can warp, shrink or split the deck. Through natural process, any time a wood structure is left to the elements it will begin to rot. To avoid the inevitable, wood decks must be stained or painted at least every other year and failure to do so can result in costly repairs.

Functional advantage of Duradek membranes over Wood Decks

  • No ongoing maintenance – once Duradek is installed, there is never any reapplication required for it to continue its waterproofing performance so no risk of structural compromise from wood rot.
  • No chance of cracks or splinters to compromise waterproof protection or cause discomfort to bare feet.
  • With only a light scrub and rinse seasonally, Duradek will stay looking great – potentially for decades.

Duradek vs Concrete

While concrete does not rot, it will crumble over time as moisture and rust can seep into it, destroying the integrity of the structure. Its porous surface is easily stained and a sealant will need to be regularly applied to prevent staining and cracking – and once it has begun to crack, it will not stop. Installation is complicated by the need for dry conditions for installation and curing time before use.

Functional advantage of Duradek membranes over Concrete Decks

  • No need for re-application. Duradek is a permanent waterproofing solution.
  • Duradek can be installed in almost any weather condition and can be used immediately after installation with no drying or curing time required.

Duradek vs Fiberglass

Fiberglass is an extremely finicky and messy process requiring a delicate ratio of hardener and resin that can vary with air temperature and humidity, which makes it a challenging process to master. Onsite mixing makes its toxicity a factor and contractors must avoid skin contact and inhalation of its vapors. Installation requires at least 2 consecutive days of dry, warm conditions as it must be given time to harden and be sanded before use. Fiberglass will not rot like wood, but it will fragment and crack over its lifetime, eventually breaking away from the substrate. It is a rigid material that is very susceptible to expansion and contraction, and any movement will cause hairline cracks.

Functional advantage of Duradek membranes over Fiberglass Decks

  • Duradek is completely adhered to the substrate and expands and contracts with changing temperatures.
  • With excellent elasticity, there is no chance of any cracking.
  • The Duradek systems can be applied in most weather conditions with adhesives formulated to function in either summer or winter temperatures.

Duradek vs Composite Decking

As one of the newest deck building product innovations available, composite decking has experienced (and possibly still is experiencing) some pretty significant growing pains. With dozens of examples of product failures (cracking, shrinking, crumbling, excessive discoloration) and companies changing hands, many homeowners were left with no warranty protection. This led to some class action lawsuits that awarded only partial compensation. It was the homeowners that were left with the added cost to cover the difference to repair failed decks.

Functional advantage of Duradek membranes over Composite Decks

  • Duradek has a proven performance history and has been consistently manufactured in North America for nearly half a century, so there is no guesswork about its actual performance vs promises.
  • Duradek will never chip, crack or deteriorate, compromising structural safety.
  • Duradek has been around for over 4 full warranty cycles with the same ownership, so you can be confident that its warranty holds value and that the homeowner is protected.

Duradek vs Liquid Applied Systems

Traditional liquid applied waterproofing systems need ideal conditions for application. This process can require entranceways, walkways, and common areas to be closed off for lengthy periods to accommodate multiple stages of application and curing time. If there is any trapped moisture present, it can accelerate rot or cause the coating to bubble and peel, exposing the underlying structure to the elements. Because it dries to a solid surface, expansion and contraction will cause the coating to crack and chip away.

Job site advantage with Duradek membranes over Liquid Applied Systems

  • Easy installation with no mixing, mess or smell…and no guesswork for the applicator.
  • No lengthy shutdowns and potentially lost revenues or embarrassing inconvenience.
  • Duradek will never peel, chip, delaminate or crack.

Duradek vs Traditional Flat Roof Systems

Traditional roofing products like built-up tar & gravel or torch-down systems that require open flame on the job site can increase job-site risk (those contractors require a much more expensive insurance). These systems requiring open flame are not recommended for installation on occupied space. Plus, separate installation of the walking surface is still required for comfort and aesthetics to enjoy the flat roof as a roof deck.

Job site advantage with Duradek membranes over Traditional Flat Roof Systems

  • Much lower risk on the job site.
  • Can be completed over occupied space.
  • No need for additional products for a walking surface is needed.
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Duradek vs Dry-Below Water Routing Systems

Dry below systems for elevated decks only route the water under a drip-through deck to keep it dry below, but the water is channeled and sometimes trapped within the joist system of the deck structure. With this system, the waterproofing and walking surface above still need to be addressed to keep the structure waterproof and attractive, making this a two or three-phase project.

Job site advantage with Duradek membranes over Dry-Below Water Routing Systems

  • Less time to complete as Duradek provides roof-grade waterproofing as well as attractive walking surface in a single product application where other systems install in stages.
  • Less expense to complete as the multi-functionality of Duradek membranes does the job of two or three different products.
  • With Duradek membranes,
    – the deck is completely and permanently waterproofed,
    – the deck structure and the building envelope is protected, and
    – there is dry, usable space below (whether enclosed in the interior of the home or as additional, protected outdoor space).

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