Pool & Hot Tub Surrounds

The area surrounding a pool or hot tub needs a walking surface that is attractive, durable and easy to maintain. It also benefits from being comfortable on bare feet.

Duradek vinyl membranes are an ideal walking surface for use around your pool and hot tub areas for both function and form. Not to mention, it is the easiest way to add some individuality and style to complement your outdoor design scheme without any labor on your part for upkeep.

Your pool area is meant to be enjoyed and you already have enough work to do to up-keep the actual pool…you deserve to have a pool deck or hot tub surround that serves only as a place of leisure and enjoyment – not another maintenance chore.

Why Duradek for Your Pool or Hut Tub Surround

Duradek vinyl membranes provide a low maintenance, attractive surface for pool and hot tub areas
Other exterior walking surfaces require regular multi-stage maintenance to keep up their appearance and waterproof integrity. Duradek is an attractive, low-maintenance finish that only needs to be installed once and requires no maintenance other than an occasional cleaning for its lifespan. That frees you up from extra chores so you can spend your free time enjoying your pool deck or hot tub surround, not wasting time with annual maintenance.

Duradek Vinyl on Pool Decks for a Comfortable, Slip-resistant Walking Surface

Wood can be slippery and concrete can be a little rough on tender feet. Duradek vinyl, especially in a pattern that has a heavily textured surface, gives a pool area an element of slip resistance and is a lot more comfortable on bare feet than rough concrete or slippery, splintery wood.

Duradek Vinyl Membranes Bring a Clean, Contemporary Style to Your Pool or Hot Tub Areas

While most pool areas all start with a concrete base, they do not have to stay that way. Concrete’s cold, drab appearance around the pool deck can be elevated to a stylish lounging area that compliments the rest of your outdoor design scheme. Duradek has an easy to clean surface, so spills encountered at play-time are easily wiped away.

Duradek Vinyl Meets Building Code Requirements for Chemical Resistance

Duradek has been tested in accordance with ICC ES Acceptance Criteria for Walking Decks and meets the requirements of AC39 for chemical-resistance, making it suitable for use around pool or hut tub areas. When you are considering coating or surfacing products for your pool deck area, this is an important detail to look at to ensure your surface will not be weakened or discolored from contact with the pool chemicals.

Whether you use your pool area all year or just in the peak summer months, Duradek vinyl as the pedestrian surface on your pool deck or hot tub surround provides an attractive surface that requires no maintenance.

Safety Enclosures for Your Pool Areas

Duradek also has outstanding railing solutions for your pool areas. Whether for privacy or simply view-through enclosures, our Durarail railing and gate solutions can keep your pool area safely enclosed.

Why labor on your place of leisure? Contact your Duradek waterproofing professional for maintenance free outdoor vinyl walking surfaces and fencing for your pool or hot tub areas.

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