Standard Picket

Standard Picket Railings for Decks and Balconies

Our Standard Picket Railing systems offer the most flexibility with an extensive range of options with choices of picket size, style, and top rail alternatives.

They are available in 12 standard colors or over 180 custom colors.

We offer two main types of picket systems:

Standard Picket Railing Panel Profiles

Durarail offers 6 standard Panel Styles for either our component or welded picket railing systems.

Out panel styles are available in different size options in either a flat or a square profile. See our Panel, Picket, and Post page for more details on available size options in our standard profiles. 

Standard Picket Panel Style 01

Durarail Standard Picket Railing Panel Style 01

The most basic of picket railing design, Panel Style 01 offers a top and bottom rail with single pickets.
Style Sheet for Panel Style 01.

Standard Picket Panel Style 02

Durarail Standard Picket Railing Panel Style 02

Panel style 02 brings a subtle design element to the basic picket panel with the addition of a mid-rail 3-7/8 inches below the top rail and pickets all the way to the top rail.
Style Sheet for Panel Style 02.

Standard Picket Panel Style 03

Durarail Standard Picket Railing Panel Style 03

This panel style allows pickets to extend past the mid-rail to the top rail on alternating pickets.
Style Sheet for Panel Style 03.

Standard Picket Panel Style 04

Durarail Standard Picket Railing Panel Style 04

Panel Style 04 brings a little more flair to the design by allowing the pickets to extend to the top rail from the mid-rail, but with the addition of circular accents between the pickets at the top.
Style Sheet for Panel Style 04.

Standard Picket Panel Style 05

Durarail Standard Picket Railing Panel Style 05

Similar to Panel Style 04, this panel has pickets extending from mid-rail to top rail. The circular accents between pickets at the top are spaced alternately with clear space between pickets.
Style Sheet for Panel Style 05.

Standard Picket Panel Style 06

Durarail Standard Picket Railing Panel Style 06

This panel style allows the top rail to ‘float’ above the mid-rail with a view through the area between posts (note the top rail and panel are sold separately with this option).
Style Sheet for Panel Style 06.

Standard picket railing in panel style 01 with surface mounted posts.

Standard Picket Railing Top Rail Profiles

Durarail offers 4 Top Rail profiles for either our component or welded picket systems.

Picket Railing Top Rail Profiles by Durarail
Square, Round, Heritage, and Port Royal Top Rail options

Durarail’s traditional square and round top rail profiles are still the most popular top rail options used today. In addition, we offer stylish alternatives with the Heritage top rail and the Port Royal top rail. With Heritage Top Rail you get a more designer look. It is a classic, colonial-inspired look familiar from tradition wrought iron. The Port Royal Top Rail allows for a continuous top rail with a brawny, sophisticated look and a wider depth.

Standard Picket Railing Mounting Options

Durarail railings have three mounting options. A fascia mounted system, surface mounted on a raised baseplate, or regular surface mounted.

Railing mounting options
Fascia mounted or surface mounted railing post options.

When it comes to construction projects, there are often Good, Better, and Best recommendations. Railing installation is no different. The type of railing mounting option you choose will be influenced by your local building codes. Your type of deck surface will also factor into the decision.

Why a Single Source for your Deck and Railing Systems Matters

When you choose Durarail to complement your Duradek waterproof vinyl decking system, you gain the advantages that come with a single source solution.

First, your railings are being installed by a contractor that specialized in vinyl deck surfaces so you can be confident that your railing installation will not at all compromise your waterproofing.

Durarail is manufactured in North America and is made to stand up to the elements with virtually no maintenance. If you’ve invested in low maintenance vinyl decking, why would you want to go back to wooden railings that are so labor-intensive? Durarail is made to last.

Another advantage of using a Duradek contractor to install your railings is that you have a single-source for your warranties. Should any issues ever arise with your deck, you only have one point of contact. This makes the resolution to any potential issues so much easier.

Read more details and see examples on our Single Source Deck and Railing Solution article.

Want More Information on Durarail Picket Railing Systems?

If you are interested in learning more about Durarail, contact us at We are happy to answer any questions you may have and get you one step closer to a beautiful, new railing system.

Welded Picket Railing Panels

Solid, pre-welded picket railing panels offer added strength to your railing system. This system’s strength comes from sturdy welds to both the top and bottom rails.

The installation process goes quickly because the pre-measured, solid panels of varying lengths come to your job site pre-welded and ready to install.

Our welded picket railing panels are available in 9 standard colors or over 180 custom colors.

Complete Welded Picket Kt System (US Only)

For convenience, we offer a complete kit system with pre-welded 4 ft., 5 ft., or 6 ft. panels and 2.5 inch posts with top rail and all mounting components.

For the builder, it offers a  convenient and easy to install guardrail system that meets IBC Engineering requirements. The homeowner gains the advantage of safe and attractive railings warrantied to last for decades with virtually no maintenance and no risk of rust or rot.

Welded Picket Railing Panels - Durarail 2.5 inch Picket Railing Kit System

See our online brochure for more information.

Component Picket System

Versatile and easy to handle, our component picket system comes in smaller, individual components instead of large, welded sections.

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