Tile Roof Deck

Enjoy the Elegance of a Tile Surface on a Flat Roof Deck with Complete Waterproof Protection

Exterior tile provides a beautiful and durable walking surface on decks, but when situated over living space it is important include a reliable roofing membrane to protect the space below.

Tiledek Removes the Risk of Leaky Tile Roof Decks

Incorporating the Tiledek Membrane into your Tile Roof Deck projects gives you the complete advantages of an approved roofing membrane. The Tiledek membrane is integrated into the building envelope, ensuring protection against moisture and keeping the structure protected from costly repairs associated with water infiltration.

Even if your Tiles Fail, Tiledek Keeps Doing its Waterproofing Job

It is almost inevitable that exterior tiles and grout will eventually crack, allowing water to make its way below. The Tiledek membrane provides an excellent barrier against water infiltration so even when moisture gets below your tiles, it does not get through to the structure below.

Elevated Tile Deck with Cut-out Showing Tiledek Membrane
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