Direct Application Systems

Floating Deck Systems Using Direct Application Assembly

A floating deck system assembly with the direct application of the wear surface can include surfaces such as interlocking stone, precast pavers, or poured concrete overlays. Poured ‘stamped’ concrete cannot be placed on pedestals like a traditional floating deck system. Even though poured concrete provides a solid surface, it is not waterproof, so it is still important to consider waterproof protection and drainage.

In direct application systems, we recommend the use of a separation layer. This could be a drainage board or drainage mat. Sleepers may also be used with pavers, however, poured concrete would require the solid surface of a drainage board or mat.

Wear surfaces should not be applied directly to the Duradek membrane due to friction and the risk of puncture from the edges. Not only does the drainage mat protect the membrane, but it also allows for drainage of any trapped moisture towards the drain or outside edge of the drainage slope.

See Duradek’s Detail Drawings for the Plazadek Assembly.

If you would like to consult with Duradek’s technical manager on your direct application floating roof deck system, please contact

Plazadek by Duradek - Waterproofing Under Floating Deck Systems
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