Single Family Home Tile Decks

Nothing else has quite the same elegant appeal of tile or stone pavers on a deck. They are beautiful, durable and require no yearly maintenance like a wood deck. They are also a significant investment…an investment that is vulnerable to environmental influences without proper planning.

Plan to Protect the Investment of your Tile Deck with a Waterproofing Underlayment

Tile decks are one of the more expensive deck surface options but are also one of the most rewarding for visual appeal, durability and lack of maintenance requirements.

The overall cost of a tile deck or balcony will be significantly increased with unnecessary repair costs when the use of a proper waterproofing membrane is not included in the tile assembly.

Since tile and grout is not intrinsically waterproof and will always expand and contract with changing temperatures, a waterproofing underlayment must be included. If you try to save a few dollars on the project by neglecting to include a waterproofing underlayment, you can almost be certain to experience water infiltration and the damage it can cause.

Repairing structural damage is much more expensive than incorporating the critical element of a tile waterproofing underlayment. You can easily replace a cracked tile…you cannot so easily repair the damage underneath. Be sure if water makes it past your tiles, that it does not make it to the structure of the home.

Choose a Waterproof Underlayment Designed for Specifically for Tile Decks

Opting to include a waterproofing membrane for your tile deck assembly is smart. Selecting one that is designed specifically for the application of thinset and tile or stone is brilliant.

Installing Tile on Deck over Tiledek waterproof membrane

The Tiledek membrane is designed specifically to accept thinset mortar and porcelain tile, slate or some of the other natural stone finishes.

Installed only by the trained waterproofing specialists of Duradek’s network of authorized installers, you have the added assurance that the waterproofing details are handled professionally for long lasting protection.

Tiledek Sundeck with furnature
Elevated Tile Deck with Cut-out Showing Tiledek Membrane
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