Topless Glass Railings for Elegant Appeal

Topless Glass Railing Systems offer the best in view-through railing options and can showcase your deck or balcony as much as it shows off the view. With no top rail obstructing your line of sight, the tempered glass panels provide a safe, clear view with elegance and style.

The sleek look of a topless railing system does not mean you must sacrifice all your privacy. Incorporate frosted glass panels to provide privacy screens where needed, but keep all the advantages of letting in the light, blocking the wind, and of course, the sleek, luxurious look of a glass railing system.

Durarail offers 2 styles of Topless Glass Railing Systems – the Mirage Post and the PUP Post.

Please be aware that some municipal building codes may dictate the use of a cap on top of the topless systems – and the codes are subject to change. You may wish to consult with one of our railing specialists to discuss what you want from your railing system and how Durarail can help you achieve it.

Mirage Post

Unobstructed Views with Solid Security

The Mirage Post topless glass system is a unique solution for unobstructed views while providing all the safety and security you want for your deck guardrail system.

The flat bar post style and tempered glass provide the safety and security of a traditional top rail system but without the visual distraction of a top rail. The Mirage Post system is available with a 2″, 3″ or 4″ flat bar and can be either surface mounted or fascia mounted.

Mirage Post can help you achieve a clean look for any railing, fencing, or windscreen application on residential, multi-residential, or commercial projects. The glass height and style can be adjusted to accommodate unique décor, windscreen protection, or added privacy.

PUP Post

Offers the Ultimate Design Flexibility in Topless Glass Railing Systems

Meet the new generation of the topless glass railing system. The PUP Post provides the ultimate versatility for your deck railing designs with a single, multi-functional post and nearly limitless options.

A triple-channel design allows the 2 ½″ x 2 ½″ post to function as either an inline, corner, or end post.

A multi-function insert component allows you to

  • Adjust your glass height for guardrail security or extended windscreen protection.
  • Adjust your angle with up to a 60⁰ variance to fit your custom needs for virtually any space.
The PUP Post as an Inline Post.
The PUP Post as a Corner or End Post.

A Single, Multi-functional Post with Nearly Limitless Options

  • 30⁰ multi-angles
  • Surface or Fascia mounted
  • Optional top rail cap
  • Available in 12 standard colors or 180 custom colors
  • Accommodates unique shapes and custom designs like curves and angles
  • Option of different glass types or alternate material options for a louver look
  • Gap from deck to glass allows for easy cleaning and snow removal
  • Ideal for wind wall applications
  • Privacy screen or Fencing options possible
PUP Post topless glass railing system
The PUP Post Topless Glass Railing System offers a clean, contemporary view-through railing option.

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