Waterproof Tile Deck and Flat Roof Solutions

Tiledek™ tile underlayment waterproof membrane provides:

  • A unique waterproofing solution made specifically for exterior tile deck projects
  • A 10-year waterproofing warranty
  • Installation by ONLY trained and authorized applicators
  • Reliable waterproof performance for elevated tile decks to create a dry area below or for tile roof decks over living space
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Learn about what makes the Tiledek membrane uniquely ideal for exterior tile projects – even decks over living space.


Discover a range of applications that can enjoy the beauty of exterior tile with superior waterproof performance.


Understand important facts on waterproofing exterior tile assemblies with Duradek’s Tiledek waterproof underlayment.


Browse through our image gallery of exterior tile decks and roof decks – all with the reliable waterproof performance of Tiledek.


Explore a selection of projects demonstrating how Tiledek resolved leaky tile deck problems with long-lasting waterproof performance.


Access all the tools the professional needs to specify Tiledek waterproof underlayment for exterior tile projects over living space.


Exterior tile is not waterproof on its own

Even when choosing tile and grout made for exterior use, outdoor tile assemblies are not waterproof on their own. Temperature changes will cause expansion and contraction that can cause cracks in the grout and allow water to get through.

Using Duradek’s Tiledek membrane as the waterproof underlayment of exterior tile assemblies keeps the structure below protected. Enjoy the beauty of tile on decks and roof decks without risking costly repairs.

Enjoy the beauty of outdoor tile decks with confidence

Duradek’s Tiledek waterproof underlayment is made specifically for exterior tile decks and roof decks. It is constructed with a geotextile fabric surface that provides excellent adhesion of thin-set mortar for the application of tile.

Designed for waterproof protection over living space

The Tiledek membrane has Duradek’s proven waterproof performance and meets building code as a roofing compliant membrane. Tiledek is the perfect solution for tile roof decks situated over living space or where you need to keep it dry below.

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