General Care and Cleaning

Vinyl deck surfaces are a very low-maintenance decking solution, but homeowners do have some minimal maintenance responsibilities. The deck should be inspected annually to ensure all seals or caulking is intact. For best appearance, the deck should be cleaned seasonally (4 times a year). The textured surface is ideal for slip resistance, but does provide a place for dirt to settle. For detailed information, see our Care and Cleaning page.

Color Selection Considerations

  • Lighter color = cooler surface + higher reflectivity
  • Darker color = warmer surface + less reflectivity
  • Solid pattern = higher resistance to visible UV aging + show more dirt and blemishes
  • High contrast patterns = lower resistance to visible UV aging + shows less dirt and blemishes

Duradek membranes are designed with proven blends of color, print, and texture which present the longest lasting appearance performance the industry can offer. Our inks and printing technology are the same as what is used for pool liners (which sit in chemicals and full sun exposure) – a strong indicator as to how well they perform. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when making your color and pattern selection.

  • Outdoor vinyl flooring with higher contrast in the print may show signs of fading sooner than low contrast colors. However, high contrast in the print helps to hide blemishes in the floor surface.
  • Low contrast colors will resist the visible effects of UV exposure the longest, but the lower the contrast in colors, the more blemishes and dirt will show.
  • Solid color products are the most unforgiving where blemishes such as plywood seams, nailhead depressions or even plywood grain patterns can show up in the late evening or early morning sunlight which can cast a long, revealing shadow.


Like any other floor surface, vinyl may scuff if abused. Try to avoid dragging heavy or sharp-edged objects over unprotected PVC. Skidding a bicycle tire, a roller blade or the edge of a running shoe across the vinyl creates friction, and the extreme heat and abrasion may possibly remove the print. Duradek vinyl membranes are manufactured with a solid ‘base’ color which is complementary (rather than obtrusive) if the print finish is removed from abuse.

Normal traffic will not damage the vinyl at all. Solid color membranes are available for high traffic areas to avoid wear patterns. Some manufacturers claim to have reduced the possibility of scuffing by adding a clear top coat layer to their PVC; however, this is an unproven technology that should be reviewed with caution. View the History of the PVC Clear Coat to see how attempts to reduce scuffing can have undesirable UV aging results.


Some consideration should be paid to the deck accessories that you chose. Rubber backed mats are not compatible with PVC and can cause discoloration. Metal edged snow shovels and sharp edged metal furniture should be avoided as they can puncture the vinyl and compromise the waterproofing performance. Certain tree saps like cedar can be very difficult stains to remove and organic debris (like leaves) left to sit for extended periods can stain as they decompose. Metal planters without protection underneath can result in planter shaped rust stains. If any of the above should occur – try to clean it off as soon as possible so the stain doesn’t have a chance to set (refer to our Care and Cleaning instructions on the back of the warranty card or on our Care and Cleaning page).

Note: A little precaution can help avoid the frustration of difficult stain removal. If you would like to use metal planters or other metal décor that can potentially leave rust stains on your vinyl deck, ask your Duradek installer for remnant pieces of PVC to place as a protective barrier between your accessories and your permanent vinyl deck. 

Dealing with Aged Vinyl Appearance

If over time your vinyl deck surface has become stained or faded, you may want to freshen up the look. When professionally installed, vinyl deck surfaces do such an exceptional job performing their waterproofing function for the long-term that you may not want to re-do the whole deck purely for aesthetics. In this case, your vinyl can be painted with a specially formulated coating. The emboss texture will be preserved, but any print will obviously be replaced by the solid color you choose. If you do wish to re-coat your vinyl deck and would like some tips, refer to our Home Owner Resources on Re-coating.

Caution – Do not attempt to clean stains, paint or any blemish using any undiluted bleach, acetone, turpentine, lacquer thinner, ketone, acid or multipurpose stain or paint remover as you may cause removal of the vinyl print. Cleaning solutions must be dabbed, NOT rubbed. Wash well with cleanser and water, and then flush thoroughly with lots of clean water. Always test on an ‘out of the way’ place to ensure there will be no problems with the cleaning agent you’ve selected.

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