Cable Rail Posts

Cable Rail Posts for Design and Durability in Cable Railing Systems

The posts of our Cable Railing System offer superior durability and resistance to the elements.

The powder coated aluminum posts are available in 9 standard colors and over 180 custom colors. Whether you prefer to blend the posts subtly into the design for an unobtrusive looking system, or would rather go for bold, vivid contrast for daring design – our Cable Railing System posts can be manufactured specific to your design preferences.

Posts are available in either surface mounted or fascia mounted options. The sleek, modern look of the Cable Railing System can be manufactured to meet any design or building requirement.

Post Styles

We offer standard posts in 1 5/8th, 1.72” and 2 ½”, but also have a variety of custom post profiles available. Posts can be surface or fascia mounted and can be installed with a variety of base plates or post caps to match any design.

Standard Posts come in the 1 5/8th, 1.72” and 2 ½” sizes, but are available in other custom profiles.

Railing Post Dimensions

Our Standard Surface Mounted posts come in 4 options varying from 1 5/8” to 2 ½” with 4”x4” base plates of varied thickness.

Surface Mounted Railing Posts

Our Standard Fascia Mounted posts are available with inline or right and left ends or corners.

Fascia Mounted Railing Posts
  • Custom Surface or Fascia Mounted Posts can be manufactured to meet any design or building requirement.

Useful Resources

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