A Vinyl Decking Warranty with 3 Levels of Protection

Duradek is the only waterproof vinyl decking manufacturer to date that offers an openly available, written, three-tiered vinyl deck warranty.

1 – Manufacturer’s Waterproofing Warranty

Duradek’s Ultra woven backed waterproofing warranty protects the homeowner from any leaks resulting from a manufacturing defect for a duration of 15 years from the date of installation. Duradek’s vinyl deck warranty guarantees to repair or replace the affected portion of the Duradek Woven Backed Ultra 60 mil vinyl during that time frame as per the terms and conditions in the written warranty.

For Duradek Ultra Non-Woven Backed (Okanagan Fuzzy Backed) 60 mil membrane, the waterproofing warranty is for a duration of 10 years. Typically, a ‘Manufacturer’s defect causing leak’ would likely be discovered within a year (after it has passed through all seasons), so a 10-year warranty offers more than enough consumer protection.

* Please note all 60 mil Ultra was formerly a 10-year warranty and any jobs before June 1, 2019 still fall under the 10-year coverage.

2 – Appearance Warranty

Duradek is one of the only vinyl decking companies to offer a written Appearance Warranty for up to 5 years (on our Ultra 60 mil membrane). If there is excessive discoloration over and above natural aging, Duradek protects the homeowner with product and replacement considerations. Our Non-Woven Backed membranes have 1-year protection for excessive discoloration.

3 – Workmanship Warranty

If an area on the deck needs to be redone due to an installation error, this would likely be covered by the workmanship warranty. Duradek’s authorized dealers assign the portion of the workmanship warranty individually. This provides assurance to the homeowner that the product has been installed with professional waterproofing details and there will be no leaks as a result of poor installation.

While all Duradek Dealer and Applicating Companies are Authorized to market, sell, and install Duradek, they are not employees of Duradek. These contractors own and operate their individual companies and, with the exception of the Duradek Manufacturers & Appearance Warranty and Installation Methods, can determine their own business policies, sales and marketing strategies, up to and including their own Workmanship Warranty on Duradek Applications.

YES – Duradek Warranties are Transferable

Duradek warranties are valid for the entire length of their terms, no matter who holds ownership of the property. This makes Duradek a value-added feature and a great investment even if you plan to sell your home in the next few years. The new owner keeps all the advantages of waterproof peace-of-mind without the need for maintenance for the duration of the warranty coverage period.

Duradek Warranties

Duradek guarantees to repair or replace any portion of the Duradek “Ultra” 60 mil vinyl decking membrane which leaks as a result of a manufacturing defect within fifteen years from the date of its installation.

60 mil Vinyl Deck Warranties

Duradek Ultra 15-Year Industry-Leading Warranty
Click to read the Duradek Ultra 15-year warranty.

(This includes all of the Woven Backed, V2V and PVC Backed 60 mil Ultra Products. This Warranty Does Not apply to the 60 mil Ultra Non-Woven (Fuzzy Backed) Okanagan line).

10-year vinyl deck warranty sampleDuradek Ultra Non-Woven Backed 10-Year Warranty
Click to read the Duradek Ultra Non-Woven Backed 10-year warranty.

(This includes the Fuzzy Backed 60 mil Ultra Okanagan line ONLY)

45 mil Vinyl Deck Warranties

5-year vinyl deck warranty sampleDuradek 5-Year Warranty
Click to read the Duradek 5-year warranty.

5-year vinyl deck warranty sampleDuradek Non-Woven Backed 5-Year Warranty
Click to read the Duradek Non-Woven Backed 5-year warranty.



Comparing Vinyl Decking Product Warranties

It is always a good idea to compare warranties when selecting building products. Be sure to ask the right questions when comparing vinyl waterproof membrane warranties:

  • Does the warranty cover waterproof performance?
  • Does the warranty cover appearance?
  • What are the terms of the warranty…Repair? Replace? Refund?
  • Does the repair or replacement of a membrane under warranty include labor?
  • If installed by a professional contractor, does the warranty include labor?
  • Are there any restrictions like maintenance or registration requirements on the warranty?
  • Is the warranty transferable to a new owner if you sell your home?

Be sure to select vinyl decking that covers all the bases in a way that provides real protection to the homeowner.

To see why this is important, learn about the History of PVC Clear Coats, why Duradek does not use them, and why all vinyl is not created equal.

What Matters in a Warranty?

Warranty Evaluation Tips

For more information on evaluating product warranties for deck building products, we invite you to read these articles:

Single-Source Warranty Solution For Your Deck Surface and Railing Products

With Duradek you can have the convenience of a single-source for your vinyl decking warranty and your deck railing warranty. Durarail aluminum railing systems are available in a wide range of options including picket, glass, topless glass, cable, aluminum plank, or custom systems.

Eliminate the Blame Game with One Warranty Source

By having your deck railing installed by your Duradek contractor, you have the convenience of a one-stop-shop for your deck building products and a single source for your decking warranties. No finger-pointing to the ‘other contractor’ for any issues that may arise on your deck as to who is responsible.

You also have the added assurance that your deck railings are installed by a waterproofing professional who understands how to ensure the waterproof integrity of your Duradek waterproof vinyl decking. You can be absolutely confident that the railing installer will be taking good care to protect the vinyl decking if they are the ones who installed that as well.

Take a look at the different railing systems from Durarail and contact us to request a quote on your project.

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