Plazadek Warranty

A Waterproofing Warranty for Peace of Mind

Duradek’s Plazadek System offers a waterproofing membrane for complete waterproof assurances in deck and roof deck assemblies with the use of an additional wear surface. Installed by our trained and authorized applicators, Duradek’s Plazadek System warranty provides 2 levels of protection for our waterproofing system.

1 – Manufacturer’s Waterproofing Warranty

Duradek’s Plazadek System waterproofing warranty protects the homeowner from any leaks resulting from a manufacturing defect for 10 years from the date of installation. Duradek guarantees to repair or replace any portion of the membrane during that time frame if there is an unlikely leak due to a manufacturing defect. Typically, a ‘Manufacturer’s defect causing leak’ would likely be discovered within a year (after it has passed through all seasons), so a 10-year warranty offers more than enough consumer protection.

2 – Workmanship Warranty

If an area on the deck needs to be redone due to an installation error, this would likely be covered by the workmanship warranty. Duradek’s authorized dealers assign the portion of the workmanship warranty individually, typically 2 years or more. This assures the homeowner that the product has been installed with professional waterproofing details and there will be no leaks due to poor installation.

Duradek’s Plazadek Warranty

Duradek guarantees to repair or replace any portion of the Duradek 60 mil vinyl decking membrane used in the Plazadek System which leaks as a result of a manufacturing defect within ten years from the date of its installation.

The Duradek Plazadek System requires the use of Pedestals or a Separation Layer between the waterproofing membrane and the wear surface.

60 mil Plazadek Warranty

Duradek Plazadek 10-Year Warranty
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Duradek’s Plazadek warranty

Please note that Duradek does not offer any guarantees on any other manufacturer’s product(s) used in the complete deck assembly.

Failure to include a separation layer with stone or concrete assemblies will void the warranty.

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