Multi-Residential Tile Decks

Property Managers Rely on Tiledek to Keep Multi-Residential Tile Deck Surfaces Safe from Leak Issues

Property managers need to keep their multi-residential buildings attractive, but more important they must be protected from the elements.

Durable and attractive wear surfaces like tile are appealing, but they are often shied away from because of a history of leak issues and resulting water infiltration problems when tile is applied over traditional roofing products like EPDM.

Tiledek Provides Peace-of-Mind Waterproofing for Multi-Residential Tile Decks

The Tiledek membrane is designed specifically as a roofing membrane that can accept the application of thinset mortar and tiles. The superior waterproofing performance of the Tiledek membrane is due in part to its quality manufacturing; but also because Tiledek is installed only by trained installers that are skilled in waterproofing techniques that integrate the membrane into the building envelope. This mean that not only is the deck protected, but so is the structure that the decks are attached to.

In the past, if a tile deck experienced water leaking through a crack in the grout and made its way below the tiles, the resulting moisture damage like wood rot could be growing under the surface for years before the problem was identified. By then it’s too late for a quick fix and multiple residences could be affected and repair costs would be significant.

By planning tile or stone paver decks to be assembled with a reliable waterproofing membrane like Tiledek that is designed specifically for this application is a relatively inexpensive way to ensure the system performs without the risk of future costly repairs.

Property managers can confidently proceed with beautiful tile decks and balconies on multi-residential properties without concern of leak issues and maintenance expenses…just beautiful, easy-to-care for Tile Decks.

Elevated Tile Deck with Cut-out Showing Tiledek Membrane
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