Stairs & Entryways

Duradek is a Step Up for Reliable Waterproofing

When planning for a waterproof deck, it is easy to overlook the access points and stairs. However, stairs are one of the most vulnerable outdoor features that need waterproof maintenance for safety. If you have ever used neglected wooden stairs to access a deck, you understand the uncertainty (and possibly fear) wondering if you are safe.

With the excellent waterproof performance of Duradek vinyl, stairs are fully waterproof protected. Depending on the building construction and what is underneath the stairs may help determine the style you choose. You can cover the entire stairway including risers with Duradek, or you can choose to wrap individual stair treads. Either way, Duradek provides complete waterproof protection.

The textured surface of Duradek vinyl helps provide safe footing as well. Even in winter conditions, Duradek can accept snow and ice melting chemicals to ensure you have safe access all year.

Duradek Forest Floor Pattern Vinyl on Stairs (image filter)
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