Deck Railing Systems

Railings That are Engineered to Last

Durarail is engineered tough! The strength of a fence or deck railing system is in the posts and the framework. The stronger the structure, the wider the spans between the posts. This provides for better visual appearance and view.

Railing systems are first and foremost put in place as a safety feature, so being able to rely on durable engineering is not optional – it is essential. With Durarail powder-coated aluminum railing systems you can be confident in a strong structural framework of either individual components for assembly on the job site or pre-welded systems for that extra measure of security.

After the framework, the components chosen for the look of your railing system are up to your needs and the finished look you desire. You can chose one railing style, or a combination of different railing types, in order to complete your deck, balcony or fencing designs with the exact look and feel your designs call for.

Deck Railing System Options

  • Picket – durable, powder-coated aluminum
  • Glass/Topless Glass – clear or frosted tempered glass
  • Cable – strong stainless steel cables and fasteners
  • Plank – strong, powder-coated aluminum boards

Durarail systems seamlessly blend safety and style, debunking the notion that one must compromise aesthetics for security. Durarail deck railing systems offer you the best of both. You have no limit of railing system options to choose from, in 12 standard colors and over 180 custom colors to fit any project. Whichever system or combination of systems you choose, Durarail brings you a reliable, low maintenance and aesthetic solution for defining and securing your exterior or interior spaces.

If you are not sure what system is best for your needs, feel free to consult with one of our railing experts for some insight into the best railing system options for your project.

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