Waterproofing Membrane for Floating Deck Systems

Duradek’s Plazadek System provides:

  • The dependable waterproof protection of Duradek™ under other wear surfaces
  • A roofing membrane made for decking applications
  • Warranty protection for reliable performance assurance
  • Professional installation by contractors trained in deck and flat roof deck waterproofing

Learn more about Plazadek

Learn about floating deck systems and why Plazadek is the best way to waterproof them.


An overview of floating deck systems using pedestals to support the wear surface over the waterproofing membrane.


What to consider with direct application of the wear surface over the waterproofing membrane.


Be assured with two levels of protection with Duradek’s Plazadek System warranty.


Take a look at some beautiful decks waterproofed with the Plazadek System and the installation assembly.


View CAD drawings, substrate requirements, and assembly details for the Plazadek System.


Trust in waterproof protection with proven performance

Our waterproofing membrane meets building code as a roofing membrane and has provided successful waterproof performance for nearly 50 years.

Enjoy your outdoor leisure space and leave the details to us

Duradek’s Plazadek System is installed only by trained applicators who understand waterproofing details specific to roof deck waterproofing.

Many deck surfaces are attractive, but they are not all waterproof

If you want the look of pavers, tile, or boards for your deck, remember that they are not waterproof by themselves. What if your deck is over living space?

Be confident knowing that you have reliable waterproof protection

Duradek’s Plazadek System provides complete waterproof protection no matter what product you choose for your deck’s wear surface.

Useful Resources

Product Data Sheet: The Plazadek System
Plazadek System at a Glance
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