Limited 20-Year Durarail Warranty – Residential

  • The Durarail warranty consists of a two-part warranty on its fence and rail systems.
    • The aluminum structure will not corrode, nor will any of its components, including the welds or connections break under normal conditions for twenty (20) years.
    • The powder coated finish will not peel, flake, blister or crack for ten (10) years.
  • Very little maintenance required from home owners. See our Care and Cleaning page.

Durarail Warranty - Residential Durarail Limited 20-Year Residential Warranty
Click to read the Durarail Residential Warranty.

Limited 20-Year Durarail Warranty – Commercial

  • Manufacturer warrants that during normal use its Durarail Commercial Aluminum Railing System will be free from defects in the structure for 20 years.
  • Manufacturer warrants that the Durarail Powder Coated finish will not crack, peel, flake or blister for a period to be determined by the Manufacturer but not less than one year.
  • All other Terms, Conditions and Limitations are identical to the Durarail Residential Warranty. Commercial, as referred to for this warranty, is defined as multifamily (anything more than duplex dwellings) and commercial projects, such as condominiums, town homes, apartments and other commercial locations.
  • Very little maintenance required from property owners. See our Care and Cleaning page.

Durarail Warranty - Commercial Durarail Limited 20-Year Commercial Warranty
Click to read the Durarail Commercial Warranty.

For more information, please phone 800-338-3568 (USA) or 866-999-7245 (Canada) or by e-mail.

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