Summer Deck Makeover – How Do You Choose The Deck You Will Love for Years?

Ah, the bliss of summer and summer deck love! It has been months of barbecues, pool parties, relaxing on patios and other favorite outdoor spaces.

While we are fast approaching the end of carefree summer days and getting ready to send the kids back to school, for many of us there is still no place we’d rather be than on a deck. All summer we’ve enjoyed the decks of our preferred restaurants, our favorite pub patios and a whole variety of residential decks at the homes of friends and family.

You may be thinking about a deck makeover of your own. With so many beautiful, fun decks to enjoy, how do you decide on the right one for you? If you think about the number of decks and patios you visited this season, consider and take note of what you liked best about each of the outdoor spaces you visited. There are more decking options, furniture and accessories available today than ever, so how does one choose the elements for their own deck makeover?

Ideas for a Deck Makeover

two level deck by Duradek
Your deck space doubles with two level decks.

Deck Love is a Long Term Commitment – Outdoor living space has become a favorite part of the home for many North Americans. The old style of constructing decks to a 10 foot by 20-foot single surface has been replaced by a growing number of expansive decks. The best way to increase your outdoor living space is by using your second level deck as a roof for a deck area below.

Deck waterproofing specialists like our Duradek trained applicators can provide a roof-grade deck surface on your upper-level deck. This lets you double your usable space with a protected lower level deck below. It gives you the advantages of catching as much sun as you can on the top level AND protecting you with some shaded area below when you need it.

Plus, let’s face it, your deck is not a summer romance. You LOVE your outdoor space and want to use it all year. When you have protection from the elements above, that is possible.

Durarail topless glass railing and picket railing
A combination of topless glass railing and picket railing were used on this deck

Get Creative With Railings – There are many styles of railings available for defining your outdoor living space. There are traditional picket railings made of powder-coated aluminum that can provide the classic look of wrought iron without the need for maintenance. Alternately, you can choose glass railings, topless glass railings or stainless steel cable railings in some areas.

Go one step further and combine any of the above options for a completely unique look. Durarail powder coated aluminum railings allow for standard or custom designs, and incorporating unique features can provide the best of design and functionality for your individualized deck.

Durarail Panorama Universal Post
Panorama Universal Post gives you nearly limitless design options.

The Shape of Things to Come – There is no need to be stuck with the same old rectangular shaped deck with today’s decking options.

Choose octagonal, oval or multiple curves to create a unique shape that brings an element of contemporary style to the traditional feature of a deck. Innovative new railing products like Durarail’s PUP Post that allows you to define a curved deck with a topless glass railing system that virtually “bends” around corners and gives you almost limitless design options!

Multi-Level Deck - Duradek
Multi-level decks create distinct outdoor ‘rooms’.

Multi-Level Decks – Decking trends like outdoor kitchens, permanent (as opposed to seasonal) outdoor furniture and fire features contribute to the use of outdoor living space being used as often as any other room in your home.

Incorporating multiple levels to your deck with distinct separation allows you to treat each level of your deck like a separate room. While your outdoor kitchen is on one level, your lounging area can be another and your spa is on yet another. The possibilities are endless based on your favorite leisure activities. When your deck surface is protected with Duradek vinyl, the area below is kept dry. Even if a lower level of your deck is only elevated a couple of feet, that space provides some great dry storage for gardening supplies, camping gear or other outdoor toys.

The Foundation of a Long Term Relationship with Your Deck

Want to take the best features of the decks you’ve loved this summer for your own deck makeover? No matter what features you choose, long lasting waterproof performance and low maintenance needs could be the most important.

A good, solid deck foundation that is protected with a reliable waterproofing product is the place to start. If the waterproofing integrates into your home’s building envelope, you have a real advantage for long-term potential for loving your deck. Contact a trained and authorized Duradek installer to discuss the foundation of your deck makeover options for deck love that could last a lifetime.


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