Topless Glass

Topless Glass Railings for Elegant Appeal

Topless Glass Railing Systems offer the best in view-through railing options and can showcase your deck or balcony as much as it shows-off the view. With no top rail to obstruct your line of sight, the tempered glass panels provide a safe, clear view with elegance and style.

The sleek look of a topless railing system does not mean you must sacrifice all your privacy. Incorporate frosted glass panels to provide privacy screens where needed, but keep all the advantages of letting in the light, blocking the wind, and of course, the sleek, luxurious look of a glass railing system.

Durarail offers 2 styles of Topless Glass Railing Systems – the Mirage Post and the PUP Post.

Please be aware that some municipal building codes may dictate the use of a cap on top of the topless systems – and the codes are subject to change. You may wish to consult with one of our railing specialists to discuss what you want from your railing system and how Durarail can help you achieve it.

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