Failed Tiled Balcony Becomes Beautiful Poolside Space

Project: Failed Tile Balcony Needs Waterproof Solution for Outdoor Leisure Space

THE PROBLEM – Exterior Tile Balcony with Inadequate Waterproofing Results in Leaks to Patio Below

The homeowners’ plans for their newly built home included a beautiful tile deck overlooking the pool. However, this dream deck soon turned into a nightmare after a severe winter caused the tile to crack and crumble.

There hadn’t been any waterproofing components installed between the concrete and tile, so water leaked through to the underside of the substrate. They tried using liquid coatings to seal the deck but the leaking continued, causing further damage.

Water damage on soffits from failed tile balcony - Duradek Case History 189
Water from damaged tile on the balcony above leaked through the soffits below and into the lower-level patio.

When the homeowners searched for reliable waterproof protection for their deck that would not fail like prior attempts, Duradek was recommended.

Duradek of Georgia was called in to determine the best solution. They had seen many tiled decks in the area fail and knew how to solve the waterproofing challenge for good.


Duradek of Georgia recommended installing Duradek vinyl membrane for an attractive deck surface and reliable waterproofing system in a single product solution.

The homeowners had experienced too many problems with tile and were interested in Duradek as an option but were still undecided. A neighbor had recently surfaced their new outdoor living space with Duradek. After the homeowners had the opportunity to view their neighbor’s completed project, they were convinced!

Damaged tile being removed from balcony - Duradek Case History 189
The work began with removing the surface tiles.

The installers removed the tile and water-damaged subfloor, then re-sheeted the deck with untreated plywood.

Plywood substrate preparation for Duradek waterproof membrane for balcony renovation - Duradek Case History 189
The deck was re-sheeted with new untreated plywood.

They sloped the deck for proper water drainage and installed Duradek Ultra Cork Macchiato to complement the existing exterior. They now had an attractive deck surface that also acted as a roof for a protected undercover area by the pool.

Tile Balcony with Dry Space Below - Duradek Case History 189
The new Duradek vinyl surface above acts as a roofing membrane for the poolside patio below.
Beautiful Duradek waterproof membrane replaces old tile deck - Duradek case history 189
The failed tile balcony is now a low-maintenance place of leisure with Duradek Cork Machiatto waterproof vinyl membrane.


An alternative option offered to the homeowners was Tiledek waterproofing underlayment. They could keep the luxurious look of the tile they loved, with reliable waterproofing
to keep the area below dry.

View or Download the PDF version of Case History #189 with project photos and installer details.

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