Residential Decks in New Zealand Gain CodeMark Assurance with PW Systems Ltd., Deck Master NZ and Duradek™

Deck Builders and Architects have a new, building code approved resource for reliably waterproofed residential decks and flat roof deck projects in New Zealand with Duradek™ vinyl deck membranes from PW Systems Ltd. and Deck Master NZ.

Over the last year, Terry Hugill of PW Systems Ltd. and Deck Master NZ has championed the process of submitting numerous, detailed product testing evaluation reports to New Zealand’s leading building code authority, CodeMark.

The Result – CodeMark authorities have confirmed that Duradek waterproof vinyl membranes meet the requirements of New Zealand Building Code and have received CodeMark’s ISO 10005 approval as both a roofing membrane and pedestrian traffic coating.

Codemark Certificate of Conformity for Duradek Vinyl Waterproofi Membranes

CodeMark™ is an honored and respected authority with an incredibly high level of ongoing quality control including annual blind audits. With any waterproofing product that ties into the building envelope, product testing provides important added assurance. Building professionals can proceed with an elevated degree of confidence in the building products they choose with a CodeMark evaluation. This is not just in consideration of the quality of the product, but also in the professional installation techniques in its application.

The fact that CodeMark acknowledged the performance of Duradek is no surprise to Mr. Hugill as he is very firm on the philosophy that Deck Master NZ only works with high-end products that are of superior quality. When he brought Duradek to CodeMark for approval, he had already done years of research in the product category of vinyl deck waterproofing membranes. No other product could demonstrate the performance reliability and design selection of Duradek vinyl decking.

How Duradek Waterproof Decks Came to New Zealand

About 7 years ago, Mr. Hugill saw the need for a reliable, low maintenance deck waterproofing solution in New Zealand and attempted to develop a relationship with a different vinyl supplier. This supplier could not make it work, but Mr. Hugill was still determined that vinyl decking was a product category that could solve complex waterproofing problems in New Zealand. He resolved to find an exceptional product they could present that offered the level of highest quality and could support the ‘best of the best, all the time’ philosophy upon which Deck Master NZ was built.

When Mr. Hugill began his research, there were 2 essential factors he was looking for – first, the company/supplier he wanted to deal with would have to be of substance. They would have to have depth including product development, product approvals and marketing. Foremost, it must have a history of installation experience and longevity of product performance once installed and subjected to the elements. With all these things in place, the second criteria would be for that supplier to also have a great colour range for exterior design.

With meticulous internet research, all information led Mr. Hugill to Duradek. It was the clear choice.

Balcony with Duradek vinyl waterproof membrane in Auckland - Decks New Zealand
Decks and Balconies in New Zealand now have the advantage of low maintenance waterproof protection.

Not only did Duradek have over 40 years of proven performance in some of the wettest and most weather fluctuating climates, along with the best colour selection available in the industry; Duradek had also caught on to a key detail that was very different from what other waterproof vinyl companies were doing. Duradek was not available as a retail product. It was only available as an installed product by professionals trained in the specific waterproofing techniques that Duradek had developed and mastered over the prior 4 decades.

The Solution for Decks in New Zealand

Duradek Vinyl Deck Membrane Installation Details in Auckland New Zealand - inside perimeter and post
With meticulous detailing around areas of the deck that are traditionally vulnerable to water infiltration, Duradek stands far above many other deck waterproofing options for reliable protection.

This critical difference prompted Mr. Hugill to research further and send his Deck Master NZ project manager, Myles Hugill to Canada to meet in person with the Duradek team. Myles also saw the vision for the product and the potential it brought to New Zealand residential decks and outdoor living space design.

Myles absorbed all of the technical information quickly and began the process of hands-on training for the installation of this niche product, as well as extended detailed knowledge to enable him to train other installers in New Zealand. With Duradek’s breadth of technical experience and mastery of roof deck waterproofing details, the Deck Master team was able to proceed with confidence in the knowledge that they were bringing a building product – along with specialized installation techniques – that New Zealanders had not previously had access to.

Duradek Installation Training for Authorized Duradek Installers Only
Duradek training in Canadian Head Office where New Zealand’s Duradek installation trainer learned the proven Duradek techniques.

New Zealand’s Most Trusted Waterproofing Professionals

Since Deck Master NZ first introduced Duradek to New Zealanders around a year and a half ago, they have been very active incorporating Duradek into their product mix and representing it at the Auckland International Home and Garden Show. They have also begun to introduce Duradek into some smaller provincial home shows.

Be sure to watch for Deck Master NZ at stand #151 at the Auckland Home & Garden Show September 6 – 10, 2017 to learn first-hand how Duradek solves difficult waterproofing problems with virtually no maintenance for the home owner.

Duradek and Deck Master NZ presenting Duradek Vinyl Waterproof Membranes for the first time in Auckland - Decks New Zealand
l-r: Terry Hugill – PW Systems Ltd./Deck Master NZ Ltd, Pam Cummings – Deck Master NZ Ltd., Kevin MacMillan – Duradek Canada Ltd. at the first showing of Duradek Vinyl Deck Waterproofing in Auckland, New Zealand.

As an active Full Member of the New Zealand Waterproof Membrane Association through PW Systems Ltd., Mr. Hugill shows an avid dedication to high standards of waterproof performance. The association works to help develop waterproof membrane building code requirements to protect the interests of New Zealanders and their properties.

newspaper clipping - Auckland, New Zealand Waterproof Membrane Association
The Waterproof Membrane Association of New Zealand works to keep codes and building practices in the best interests of New Zealanders for the protection of their homes.

The Deck Master slogan is “Do it once, do it right.” Duradek has always said, “Do it right the first time”. When two businesses with this shared philosophy join forces, it is a great indicator for the customer that they are in good hands.

For the ideal, low maintenance waterproof protection on any decking project in New Zealand – and the added assurance of CodeMark approval – be sure to give the good folks at Deck Master NZ a call to be confident you are getting the highest quality deck waterproofing product available.

Do it once, do it right.

Deck Master NZ is located in Silverdale, Auckland. You can reach them by phone at 09-2815830.


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Residential Deck Projects in New Zealand Gain CodeMark Assurance with PW Systems Ltd., Deck Master NZ and Duradek

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