Outdoor Living Trends in 2020

Outdoor living space is always a popular home design feature, but in 2020 it takes on new levels of importance for quality of life and personal wellness. The unique influences of 2020 have forced us to be more confined to our residential spaces, whether by mandate or choice. Suddenly our personal spaces take on even more importance than ever.

Particularly as spring transitioned to summer and the warmer weather arrives, spending time outside plays a huge role in nurturing our mental health.  With the risk involved in crowded public parks and beaches, residential outdoor living space in 2020 is a top priority for many of us.

Qualified Remodeler Magazine releases its annual outdoor planning guide each spring. The following graphs from their April issue show the trends and how they vary by region in the U.S.

Outdoor Living Trends 2020 Motivation from Qualified Remodeler Magazine April 2020
Outdoor Living Trends 2020 Project Preference from Qualified Remodeler Magazine April 2020

While upgrades and functionality of existing outdoor spaces are considerations, the primary motivations are all about space. Between adding entertainment space and creating more living space overall, creating space is the top motivation for outdoor living projects.

Despite not being the most used deck building product based on the chart below, vinyl decking can meet the top needs of most of the space motivating trends. In most cases, much better than some of the more frequently used products like pressure-treated wood or composite decking.

Outdoor Living Trends 2020 Decking Type from Qualified Remodeler Magazine April 2020

Vinyl Decking Creates Protected Area Below

On elevated decks, vinyl decking like Duradek vinyl deck membranes provides a completely waterproof area above. This provides a protected area below to allow additional outdoor space. When you need an area protected from the rain or a shaded area on particularly hot days, a patio area below an elevated deck that is surfaced with Duradek vinyl decking allows for more year-round use. With slatted wood decks or composite decks, you do not get that added level of protection without an additional product below.

Duradek vinyl on an elevated deck provides a dry, shaded area below.

The Right Vinyl Decking Serves as a Roof Deck

Not all vinyl decking is created equal. While some meet building code as a pedestrian traffic surface, others also serve as a roofing membrane. Duradek vinyl deck membranes meet building code as both a pedestrian traffic surface and a roofing membrane. It is ideal to create additional outdoor living space above room additions. This is an ideal way to maximize useable space and the investment of an addition. If you are very partial to the look of a slotted wood plank or composite board deck, Duradek vinyl can be reliably used as the roofing membrane below in our Plazadek system.

Create Dry Outdoor Storage Space

When an elevated deck is waterproofed with Duradek, the dry area below is ideal for additional outdoor storage space. It creates the perfect space for lawnmowers, garden tools, bicycles, outdoor toys, and more. This can free up storage space in garages and basements that can be used for other purposes.

Vinyl Decking for Entertainment Areas

Outdoor spaces used for entertaining can benefit from being easy to clean. Duradek vinyl decking is very easy to clean with common spills easily wiped without staining. Regular cleaning with a vinyl deck cleaner or other household cleaners as per Duradek’s Care & Cleaning recommendations keep the vinyl surface looking great for years. Additionally, spaces for entertaining guests require safe, comfortable footing. Duradek offers a textured, slip-resistant surface with no risk of splinters in toes or high heels falling in the cracks like on traditional slatted wood decks.

Outdoor Living Space with Distinct Rooms
The traditional deck has transformed from to outdoor living space with distinct function rooms such as outdoor kitchens, lounging areas, dining areas, and fire feature areas.

More Leisure Time with Outdoor Living Space

Although there are various motivations for adding outdoor living space, nobody adds it because they want another household maintenance chore. Some decking products can be very high maintenance to ensure it is still waterproof and is protecting the deck surface or the building structure from water damage. Liquid coatings require regular reapplication in the right conditions. Wood requires sanding and staining at least every few years.

Nobody want a deck to create extra work.

With Duradek, one application from a professional applicator is all that is required for its performance lifetime which can be from 15-25 years depending on environmental factors. No recoating or maintenance is required for it to keep doing its waterproofing job. Choosing a vinyl membrane allows you to spend all of your time on your deck simply enjoying it. There is no need to waste time on labor-intensive maintenance. A Duradek vinyl membrane is warrantied for 15 years of protection.

No matter what type of decking we choose, it is the quality time with family and friends in a safe outdoor space that we all will value most in 2020. Quiet relaxation to de-stress, playful family barbecues or hosting small private social gatherings are all excellent ways to invest in personal wellness. There is a myriad of ways to enjoy time on your deck or patio. Here’s some inspiration on ways to enjoy your outside living space with the whole family.

If you’d like to see how Duradek can help you create the ideal outdoor living space for your home, simply reach out to one of our skilled, professional applicators to consult with you on your project.

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