Glass Railing Innovation from Durarail

Glass Railing Innovation From Durarail

The PUP Post

Durarail is very pleased to announce the launch of the newest Glass Railing Innovation in the market today – The PUP Post.

This post is designed for a topless glass railing which incorporates a nearly invisible, sleek look with versatility and functionality.

The round glass track of the Panorama Post enables the installer to adjust the angle the glass in a 30* degree in both directions thus allowing the use of one post to achieve multiple angles. The PUP Posts are available in both surface mounted and fascia mounted designs. The posts offer an inexpensive, sleek alternative to the more traditional topless glass posts while offering the onsite flexibility and easier installation culminating in savings in time and cost.

Features of the PUP Post:

– Extruded Glass Channels to eliminate welding

– Glass Channels with insert enables multiple angles with the same post

– Vinyl insert for channel eliminates the need for messy caulking

– Easy to order – only three post styles required for all systems

– Surface and Fascia Posts available

– 48” spacer material and PVC insert allow adjustable bottom gap while installing

– Less expensive than traditional topless glass posts

The Benefit of the PUP Post:

For the Home Owner – A nearly invisible railing, allowing unblocked views, with all the safety of a traditional picket railing system and cost effective.

For the Installer – Easy to order and even easier to install. Eliminates the need for special order posts for smallangles and offers both fascia and surface mounted systems.

Durarail is a powder coated aluminum railing and fencing system manufactured in North America by Excell Railing Systems. Aluminum is known for its strength and non‐corrosive qualities making it the perfect building material for deckrailings.

Durarail is “Powder Coated Tough” using “Super Durable TGIC” powder, available in 9 standard and over180 custom colors.

The Durarail system provides a maintenance free, durable and attractive finish that meetsAAMA 2604 specifications and as an approved applicator for Newlar paint, Durarail also meets the AAMA2605 specifications.

Durarail is available in many styles, from pickets to view‐through glass, and is easily customized to satisfy any requirement.

Durarail railing systems have been tested to the rigorous building codes inboth the US and Canada.

Additional engineering is available to satisfy even the toughest of code jurisdictions. A Durarail railing or fencing system is a safe, strong, and attractive addition to any outdoor living space.

Read the full  PUP Post Press-Release.

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