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Quick Guide To Restoring A Deck With

The economy seems to be on the tip of everybody’s tongue right now! No surprise then that according to Google Insights, over the past 90 days searches for “Deck Restore” have increased 140% in the United States alone!


Because it costs less to restore a deck than it does to build a new one. So, let’s give the people what they want; “The Deck Restore How Too Guide By Duradek

Getting prepared for your deck restore.

Take Inventory: In other words, take a step back and ask yourself what you hope to accomplish by restoring a deck? Do you have “green” or “eco-friendly” motives to rescue the wood of your deck? Or do you intend to add functionality to your home by adding usable space below your deck, perhaps for an added storage? Or are your motives simply to save some money (who’s aren’t right!?).

Well, let’s discuss that for a minute.

Say for example you need a deck. You’re thinking you want to save money by restoring your existing deck. But wait, you also have that storage locker!

What if you could save the money you are paying on the storage locker simply by adding usable storage space to your home, while saving money by restoring your deck, AND, as an added bonus, you get to … restore your deck!

Oh, brother, do we have the solution for you.

Think about that, what does a storage locker cost every month? $80? $120? Up to two-hundred bucks a month if you’ve got as much junk to store as I do! That’s $2,400 a year! And how can we forget the time and cost of gas back and forth to a storage locker, I’m going to round off my annual storage costs to $2,500.

Suddenly your deck restoration budget just grew, didn’t it?

Okay, but how long will it be before I have to restore my deck again? Well, Duradek Vinyl Decking comes with an industry leading warranty, meaning you’re good for at least 5 years, and up to 20 years on some Duradek products. That’s up to $50,000 savings over the life of your deck!

Your deck restoration budget still growing?

Suddenly a deck installed by the professionals, trained, certified and accredited by is making a lot of sense, isn’t it!

Contact our international network of local deck installers for a free quote now!

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