Roof To Deck – Walkable and Waterproof

Roof To Deck – PVC Membranes For Flat Roofdecks

Urban projects are claiming their roof systems as pedestrian areas to increase their outdoor living space. Unfortunately, roofing products are rarely intended for this sort of traffic.

Protective carpeting or treated wood can be placed over an assembly, but these materials are still susceptible to damage from the elements. Similarly, applied coatings and fiberglass have been used with limited success due to the inherent deficiencies in the materials themselves.

For multi‐unit residential buildings (MURBs) and light commercial projects, walkable decks finished with heavy‐duty polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermoplastic waterproofing membranes have been used successfully in Canada for several decades and are now growing in popularity in the United States.

Read the full white paper on Roof Top Deck Solutions here.

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