Cost of Duradek Vinyl Decking

One of the first questions asked about Duradek vinyl decking is “What does Duradek cost?” Like many home renovation projects, the cost of installing Duradek is dependent on several factors.

The overall cost depends on:

Your location: While Duradek is housed in multiple warehouse locations in Canada and the United States, the distance and thus the shipping costs for each Duradek Dealer will be slightly different and will affect the material cost.

Your local labor rates: Duradek is installed only by trained contractors and each contractor’s labor costs can vary based on a variety of factors.

Your local insurance rates: This highly fluctuating pricing factor will also vary by region.

Your project needs: Each project must be looked at individually to provide a relevant estimate. For a new building project where the deck has been built specifically for the application of Duradek and is prepared as recommended, the labor will be much less than if previous deck material needs to be removed or if the substrate needs to be prepared before Duradek can be applied. All project details need to be looked at such as posts, penetrations, perimeter trims, drains and any other job specific details.

For a realistic estimate, your local installer can provide a free quote. Follow this link to find a dealer in your area.

What You Get For the Cost

The real cost should provide a job that is complete, including a solid structure and substrate and a walkable, waterproof surface.

The benefits of that cost include:

Warranty: When you choose Duradek Ultra, your PVC membrane is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects that could compromise your waterproofing. You can trust that the product will perform its waterproofing function for at least 15 years. Duradek is one of the only vinyl decking companies that provides an appearance warranty as well. Duradek warranties for aesthetic shortcomings (over and above natural aging) for 5 years. Your installer will also offer an independent workmanship warranty. All Duradek warranty terms are easily accessible to review.

Life Expectancy: Duradek 60  mil vinyl was originally warrantied for 10 years, but its life expectancy exceeded that significantly. In 2019, Duradek increased the waterproofing warranty to 15 years. You can expect your Duradek to perform 15 to 20 years and beyond. Many homeowners who have decks protected with Duradek choose to replace it at the 15 to 20 year age more to update the look of their home than for any waterproofing performance issues.

Duradek technical manager, Len Viegener conducting a Duradek training.
Duradek technical manager, Len Viegener conducting a Duradek training.

Trained Applicators: With Duradek being available only through trained and authorized applicators, you can be confident that your vinyl installer has been instructed in the specific details involved in PVC application and waterproofing. In addition, if your particular decking project has unique factors or details that do not allow recommended installation methods, Duradek trained installers have access to Duradek’s technical support for specific inquiries and recommendations.

Water Protection: You can be confident your deck is totally waterproofed and protected, and it is important to be aware of how your deck waterproofing affects the whole building envelope of your home. While the importance of roof grade waterproofing is obvious for rooftop decks, all decks and balconies if improperly waterproofed can allow water to seep into your home, subtly and silently weakening the structure with wood rot.

damage from wood rot on roof deck

In the case of multi-residential buildings, one improperly waterproofed deck can affect multiple residences. When faced with this situation, the minimal savings from choosing an alternate, less reliable method of waterproofing is certainly not worth the cost of repairs due to water damage.

Style: Deck vinyl comes in all sorts of colors and patterns and Duradek is proud to offer a great selection. From traditional favorites to hot, new contemporary patterns and colors, Duradek has a vinyl that will complement the exterior design of any home.

Duradek vinyl decking new colors for 2022 - Mountain Quartz and Legacy Cottonwood
Duradek’s newest vinyl decking colors for 2022 – Mountain Quartz and Legacy Cottonwood – provide great patterns for popular grey shades in outdoor flooring.

Lifestyle: PVCs one-time application allows you to spend your time enjoying your deck, not laboring on it. A truly low-maintenance product, there is no sanding, staining, or reapplication required. Just a seasonal cleaning and annual inspection are all that you will need to do to keep your deck in top shape.

Peace of mind: Besides the fact that Duradek is a ‘green’ product, knowing that your deck is finished with a beautiful, easy to clean, skid-resistant surface that is warrantied to perform its waterproofing function year after year is the kind of benefit it is hard to put a price on! Just ask the homeowners who have repeatedly tried other options before turning to Duradek to solve their deck waterproofing problems for good.

Leaky deck problem fixed by Duradek leaving homeowner happy

Check out this happy homeowner’s story and see why it makes sense to do it right the first time – do it with Duradek.

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