Duradek Contributes to 6 out of 15 Top Decking Design Trends in Single Family Homes

Custom Home Magazine shared the Top 15 Decking Design Trends in Single Family Living. Duradek is proud to contribute to 6 out of these top 15 Trends. According to a recent AIA Design Trends Survey, these are the most in-demand trends in single family homes that are expected to carry forward.

Smaller Homes

There is a growing interest in smaller home and architects are noting the increased demand. While this may reduce the environmental footprint of each home, homeowners do not have to sacrifice lifestyle features such as decks. While the trend of smaller homes does not support extended balconies, a space-efficient rooftop deck certainly makes excellent use of space. Vertically placed decking means no need to sacrifice the benefit of personal outdoor living space in small areas. This home outside of Atlanta is an excellent example of how Duradek’s ICC approved walkable roofing membrane could help to maximize space in a vertical building plan.

Private Outdoor Spaces

From first homes to retirement homes, people want to have a low maintenance, outdoor living space where they can entertain without their neighbors watching. While it is widely recognized that Duradek vinyl offers one of the best low maintenance deck surfaces available, Durarail brings privacy protection into the equation with several different options including the PUP Post topless glass system. View-through glass for the view and frosted glass for privacy makes it easy for you to customize your outdoor entertaining areas and without feeling like you are on display for your neighborhood.

Frosted privacy topless glass railing and PUP post by Durarail
Durarail PUP Post provides the ultimate view-through railing system AND privacy protection.

Better Indoor Outdoor Connectivity

Duradek believes that your deck is an extension of your home. Your outdoor living space is an important part of your domestic quality of life. You probably won’t notice the detailed waterproofing features at the door thresholds that protect your home from the elements. However, you will notice how beautifully Duradek patterns and colors blend with the rest of the design of your home. Much like this beautiful home with a natural cork floor in the interior and Duradek Cork Natural vinyl on the sundeck.

Door threshold with natural cork indoor flooring and Duradek cork vinyl decking outside
Duradek vinyl has stylish options to extend your living space outwards.

Covered Outdoor Rooms

Covered outdoor rooms allow the advantage of enjoying your outdoor living space without being concerned about what the weather is going to do. Duradek is the perfect solution for turning a 2nd level deck into the roof for a covered patio or room below. With ICC approved roof grade waterproof protection, Duradek is both your roofing membrane and walking surface in one single ply application.

Covered outdoor room with Duradek vinyl decking
An outdoor leisure room is provided with the roof grade waterproof protection above with Duradek.


Contrasting borders or custom cut shapes make for unique deck options with Duradek vinyl.

With the desire for personalization and individual preferences, many homeowners want something a little different than everybody else. Duradek vinyl can be applied in a way that creates a unique look and style. With borders or insets using complementary or contrasting colors, decking design trends can be adapted to suit your individual tastes.

Unique personalized deck features with Duradek vinyl decking
Contrasting borders or custom cuts and careful welding allow Duradek to create unique features for your personalized deck.


It seems there is just never enough storage space. Reportedly, 79% of home buyers want more storage than the builders are providing. So what is the solution without sacrificing any other valuable living space? Duradek can turn outdoor spaces into fully waterproofed storage areas. While a simple two-level deck protected with Duradek keeps some dry area below for outdoor items, the open sides do allow moisture. For increased protection of outdoor storage space, simply enclosing an area that is waterproofed with Duradek above creates that additional storage. This space can be made completely water-tight. That means even more security for your belongings without sacrificing the space inside the home like this effective space-saving under-stair solution.

Dry outdoor storage under stairs with Duradek vinyl membrane
Duradek’s waterproof surface allows this stair landing to double as a roof for a mini-storage room.

Decking Design Trends for Style and Function

Duradek is easily the best waterproof walking surface for your deck. The advantages extend well beyond your waterproof peace of mind. If you’d like to discuss how Duradek can add to the enjoyment and protection of your home, contact a Duradek Dealer in your area to get more details.

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