If You Are Going to Party on the Patio, Do it Safely

Summer is officially here! And one of the best parts of summer is enjoying your balconies, decks, and patios in the fantastic summer weather. It doesn’t seem to matter if you prefer a quiet lounge with a good book or if you enjoy a lively social barbecue; your outdoor living space is the ideal place to be for the next few months. Duradek wants to make sure all the memories you create on your deck are good ones. Be sure to party on the patio safely.

With the growing trend of your outdoor living space being an extension of your home, at any time of year balconies and decks are the most popular places for people to congregate, but particularly during the summer months. Can your deck handle the load?

Party on the Patio Safely

This is particularly important to consider if you live in a coastal region where moisture can deteriorate your deck’s integrity if not properly waterproofed. One of the most tragic elements of deck collapse stories is that usually they can be avoided by proper deck maintenance and common sense, but in some instances, neither is present and the price is paid with personal injury (and sometimes resulting litigation).

Coastal deck under constant exposure to elements
Coastal decks constantly exposed to moisture are most vulnerable to weakening due to improper waterproofing. With Duradek, protection is guaranteed.

Nearly every year we hear about a spring-break celebration where several college students suffer from injuries resulting from a deck collapse at a beach house party. A combination of aging and deteriorating wood and over-loaded weight are likely the main contributors to the failure.

But a group of crazy college kids partying on a balcony is not the only time a deck is at risk of collapsing. In Birmingham, there was an instance of a much more subdued church luncheon on a residential deck that also resulted in a collapse and personal injury.

If you are aware of deck safety concerns, you have probably already performed your annual deck inspection as recommended by the North America Deck and Rail Association (NADRA). If deck safety is something you haven’t considered, think about this… According to NADRA there are approximately 40 million decks in North America that are over 20 years old. Most of those decks weren’t built to today’s building code standards. That, combined with aging factors and possible water damage weakening the structure, deck safety may be a topic you want to consider.

If you are questioning the safety or stability of your deck, have a qualified decking professional like a Duradek trained waterproofing specialist come to take a look at your deck. You can request a free estimate on ensuring your deck is stable and protected with Duradek, the original vinyl deck waterproofing membrane.



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