Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Enjoying Your Summer Holidays on Your Vinyl Deck

To really enjoy your vinyl deck on summer holidays, you have some simple but significant advantages. Patriotic holidays and vacation time are often favorite times of summer that offer abundant activities to choose from. But on these occasions, homeowners that have great outdoor living space often prefer avoiding the crowds and celebrating with friends and family in their own backyard.

Here are a few ways Duradek can help make a good thing better while you enjoy your vinyl deck or balcony during your summer holidays.

Do Enjoy Your Vinyl Deck By:

1 – Basking in the Sun:

If you like nothing more than catching some rays as you kick back on a lounger on your deck, this simple pleasure is easy to do from any exposed deck. Just remember to put on the sunscreen for UV protection. UV protection is not overlooked on your Duradek vinyl deck. Duradek vinyl is manufactured with built-in UV inhibitors to protect it from the sun’s damaging rays. In fact, Duradek stands up very well to UV exposure compared to other vinyl options as proven by our Accelerated Weather Testing and 40 years of decking experience.

Girl lounging on deck surfaced with Duradek
Duradek sundecks…ahhhhh!

2 – Lounging in the Shade:

If you have a more delicate constitution than your sun-worshiping counterparts, an elevated deck protected with Duradek vinyl provides a great covered area for a lower level deck that allows you to enjoy the summer weather without being exposed to the direct sunlight.

Second level Duradek deck over lower level shaded patio
Duradek provides a lower level area that is protected underneath your second level deck.

3 – Fun with the Kids:

Your deck is an ideal place to keep the kids engaged and happy with fun crafting projects like painting, coloring or games. With Duradek vinyl, spills are easily cleaned and you don’t have to worry about splinters in little bare feet.

4 – Cooling off in the Pool:

If you are fortunate enough to have a pool in your yard, Duradek makes a great surface for pool surrounds. The textured surface provides some slip resistance, and the low maintenance longevity of Duradek vinyl allows you to spend more time in the pool and less time maintaining the pool deck.

Pool Deck surfaced with Duradek Supreme Chip Granite vinyl decking
The area around the pool is well suited for Duradek vinyl.

5 – Barbecues:

Arguably one of the most popular summertime activities, barbecues on the balcony are a great way to enjoy the company of friends and family and makes your deck a great social gathering place. Grease drips, spilled barbecue sauce and condiments are not a problem for the easy-to-clean vinyl deck surface. Just don’t leave the spills too long or a simple wiping off the surface may become a more involved scrubbing cleaning.

Don’t Enjoy Your Vinyl Deck By:

1 – Dragging Heavy or Sharp Objects:

While barbecues or other appliances for an outdoor kitchen area, decorative lighting and fire features are a popular choice for personalizing your deck, be sure to add it to your deck carefully. Heavy objects such as these may have sharp edges that can result in puncturing the vinyl if dragged. Use a dolly if you can, or use a protective drop sheet along the path you are moving your heavy item.

2 – Cutting things:

Crafting is a favorite activity to take outdoors in the summertime, but if you are working on your Duradek vinyl deck remember that you should never cut anything directly on the deck surface. Carefully cutting out a cardboard figure with a utility knife for your child may have you smacking yourself on the forehead when you lift it up to admire your work and notice an exact replica of the shape outlined in the surface of your vinyl. While often cuts can be repaired by a Duradek dealer visiting your home armed with a heat gun, you may end up on a waiting list for these specialized services, and the longer cuts in your vinyl remain, the more your deck structure is exposed to the risk of moisture invasion. Think ahead and put down a piece of plywood or another hard surface before cutting anything on your vinyl deck surface.

Do Not Cut on a Vinyl Deck
Do Not cut anything directly on a vinyl deck

3 – Fireworks:

While Duradek vinyl is made to meet both Class C and Class A fire rating for fire resistance, we don’t recommend you participate in any activity with excessive sparks or open flame that can come into direct contact with your vinyl deck. Save the fireworks for the community gatherings or at least a safe distance from your home.

4 – Darts or Throwing Knives:

Unless you can guarantee all participants are world class champions, any activity that involves throwing sharp objects should be avoided on a vinyl deck. Duradek Ultra vinyl is a quality 60 mil PVC membrane that provides a completely water-tight seal when applied to your deck surface. Punctures, however minuscule, may allow moisture to navigate its way underneath the vinyl and comprise the waterproofing integrity. If you ever were to puncture your vinyl deck, contact your installer as soon as possible for a simple repair.

5 – Overloading Capacity:

No matter what type of surface you have finished your deck with, the structural load bearing weight of your deck or balcony is not unlimited. Factors such as outdoor furniture, fire features, hot tubs, and heavy planters all contribute to the weight load on your deck. Keep in mind that if your deck is built to code, in most cases it will likely have been built to carry 60 pounds per square inch. But the challenge for most people is not knowing if their deck is built to code.

Gulf Shores deck collapse in March 2013 (from

The North America Deck and Rail Association estimates that there are over 40 million decks in the U.S. that are over 20 years old and built prior to current building code standards. If you want to investigate this for yourself a little further and need details for deck load capacity, Ideas for Deck Designs offers some practical guidelines. A better safe than sorry approach may be worth keeping in mind when you are hosting gatherings on your deck, and if you are going to party on the patio, do it safely.

Looking for your own vinyl deck to enjoy on summer holidays?

If you’d like to look at the advantages of a vinyl deck a little closer, contact one of our authorized installers for a free estimate.

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