Case History #144 | New Roof Deck Waterproofing Solution


New Residence (Henry Walker Homes), Salt Lake County, UT


This new home project developed by Henry Walker Homes, based out of Utah, included a rooftop deck. Being a developer that takes pride in quality craftsmanship, when they realized that the waterproofing coating they had planned to use was not a roofing product, they immediately began to look for approved roofing grade options.

It was important for this new home builder to provide reliability and attention to detail in the desirable feature of a rooftop deck.


Duradek also believes that details are important and on this project the extra care went into details such as planing the plywood before the vinyl membrane was installed to ensure the drip edge was flush with the surface.

Duradek Installer and waterproofing details
Each small detail is considered when a Duradek installer waterproofs a roof deck.

The Duradek Ultra Heritage Sienna vinyl was installed using the heat-welded system and the rooftop entertainment area of this new home development now has guaranteed waterproof protection for its new owner for the next 10 years.

Rooftop Deck now fully waterpoofed with Duradek vinyl membrane.
Rooftop Deck now fully waterproofed with a Duradek vinyl membrane.

The developer was concerned about the $2 per square foot price difference between the coating they had planned on using and the guaranteed waterproof protection of Duradek. The Duradek installer explained that with coating systems, they must be re-coated every one to three years, while Duradek is installed only once and simply requires seasonal washing for maintenance…a more cost-effective solution overall!

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Job Contact:

Duradek of Utah / Dekmax

Matt McClure


Applicating Contractor:

Lonestar Builders Inc.

Dallas Hakes



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