Helping to Re-Build the Eastern Seaboard One Deck at a Time with Duradek

While many residents are still dealing with their insurance claims from Sandy (which generated the second largest number of flood insurance claims after Hurricane Katrina), the recent nor’easter adds additional stress on structures, particularly decks, that were compromised by Sandy and more vulnerable to the storm.

Storm damage is a reality that eastern U.S. residents faced in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy with over 300,000 homes destroyed in New York state accounting for approximately $33 billion of the $42 billion in disaster relief funds requested by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Duradek wants to do our part to assist homeowners who lost their decks or balconies in Hurricane Sandy in our own small way by contributing 15% off of the cost of material for our Duradek vinyl membranes in waterproofing new or reconstructed decks in the New York area.

Duradek Assists Hurricane Victims in Re-Building Decks

Storm Damaged Roof Deck from Hurricane Sandy
Storm Damaged Roof Deck from Hurricane Sandy

Working with Specialty Building Systems, our eastern American distributor in NY, NJ and PA, homeowners in these disaster regions may request 15% off the cost of vinyl when they choose a Duradek dealer for their deck rebuilding. Duradek and Specialty Building Systems will present this offer for one year to the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, but we will require that some proof of hurricane damage be submitted for this special discount offer (photographs or a copy of an insurance claim would suffice).

Roof deck punctured by falling tree after hurricane Sandy
Falling trees in hurricanes, in one end…

It doesn’t matter if your previous deck was a Duradek deck, wood deck, a composite deck, a fiberglass deck, an EPDM roof deck or even a competitive vinyl deck…Duradek will help you waterproof your re-build!

Roof pierced by tree from hurricane damaged roof deck
…out the other!

While finding an available contractor is reportedly a challenge due to the volume of reconstruction, choosing a Duradek dealer for your deck waterproofing takes all of the guesswork out of choosing a contractor. All Duradek installers are trained and authorized waterproofing specialists, so you don’t have to worry about the skill or reliability of the people working on your home.

If your deck was affected by Sandy, you or your insurance or restoration company can contact Specialty Building Systems at 1-800-765-9865 or email for peace of mind in your rebuilding.

In addition to all other building code approvals, Duradek has been tested to show our Duradek Ultra Vinyl meets the requirements and received evaluation reports for both Wind Uplift and for Pull-Off Testing for Edge Flashing.

Nemo Brings Added Risk to Already Compromised Decks

Structures that were compromised by Sandy are already much more vulnerable to storm damage and the storm unofficially dubbed ‘Nemo’ may have added increased instability to decks and balconies.

The catastrophe modeler AIP said the heavy snow and high winds that were expected from Nemo “means that drifting snow will be a problem, increasing the possibility of roof collapse. Design snow loads for structures vary across the United States. Ten to 20 inches of snow can produce loads of roughly 15 – 30 pounds per square foot on flat roofs. Other building elements – porches, carports, awnings, and gutters, which often do not receive any specific design attention, are similarly vulnerable under the forecast conditions.” In addition, more weight due to a mix of rain and ice, and downed trees add the possibility of additional structural damage.

Don’t take chances with your deck…be sure to perform deck inspections to ensure safety before using it if your home was in a storm’s path of destruction. According to the Insurance Information Institute, winter storms are the 3rd largest cause of catastrophe losses for the insurance industry, behind only hurricanes and tornados.

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