Business Opportunity for Builders With Duradek

Duradek, the leader in vinyl deck waterproofing, has nearly 40 years of experience protecting rooftop decks, patios, balconies and more all over North America. While Duradek is certainly proud of their 3rd party tested and roofing approved vinyl products, it is the network of professionally trained waterproofing experts who install Duradek that make it the most reliable option for protecting your outdoor living space.

While Duradek is confident that their vinyl is simply the superior choice when compared to similar products on the market, Duradek president John Ogilvie will be the first to say that no matter how great a waterproofing product is – the true performance relies on the intricate details of its installation. That is why Duradek in only available through our network of approved, trained installers.

Duradek Opportunity for Your Own Business

If your background as a builder, roofer, remodeler or contractor has you searching for an opportunity to build a solid business foundation with a reliable product, you may want to give Duradek some consideration. We asked Duradek Sales Manager, Kevin MacMillan, a few key questions for those of you that might be interested in becoming a Duradek dealer.

1 – What makes a good Duradek Dealer?

A good Duradek is someone who recognizes that there is more to a deck that just a landing area. When a potential dealer wraps his mind around the fact that a deck is an extension of your living space, he is better equipped to offer options on how to make that space as functional, cost-effective and beautiful as possible. Typically a Duradek Dealer is someone who thinks outside of the box – an entrepreneurial person with strong conviction.

2 – What are the advantages of being a Duradek Dealer?

The advantages of being a Duradek dealer are that you are involved in a fun, fast-paced and innovative niche sector of the construction industry. That is all to say that the competition is not extreme and the market is good. Duradek HQ offers free training, marketing support, national trade show exposure, extensive technical support and prolific web presence/exposure.

Duradek New Dealer Training in Progress
Duradek New Dealer Training in Progress

3 – How much training and investment is required?

Duradek does not charge for training or for a dealership. However, it is up to the individual companies interested in Duradek to come to our training facility in Kansas City, MO or Vancouver, BC. The training is a full, hand-on experience with about 80% of the time with the tools in your hands. Once you have the basic training under your belt, you are ready to install Duradek. The Marketing department will then advise you on how to take advantage of our website, our literature, and our people.

Duradek Participates at National Trade Shows
Duradek Participates at National Trade Shows Like the IBS

Considering a Business Opportunity with Duradek?

If these few considerations have intrigued you and you would like more information on Duradek Dealer opportunities, we invite you to look a little closer at what makes the Duradek difference. Call Corporate Development Manager, Kevin MacMillan at 1-866-591-5594 and he will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you are not looking for a business opportunity, but recognize that Duradek can beautifully protect your own deck, contact one of our specially trained dealers in your area for a no-obligation, free estimate and see first-hand what makes the Duradek difference.

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