Duradek Vinyl Membrane Installation Guide

The Importance of Using a Pro

Waterproofing a deck with a vinyl membrane installation is a long lasting and low maintenance option when compared to many deck waterproofing alternatives; however, it is the installation that truly tests the performance of any vinyl product.

After nearly 40 years of waterproofing decks and balconies all over North America, the folks at Duradek know waterproofing. Duradek professionals know that no matter how strong and reliable the vinyl product may be, it is the method of installation that makes the difference of a deck being successfully waterproofed for well over a decade or having annual leaking issues to resolve. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional builder, we know that you want the most performance value for your money and your time. When it is a permanent investment in protecting your home from invasive water damage, it is not wise to take chances with trial and error methods. Deck waterproofing can have many tricky details that even qualified builders are not familiar with, and this is why Duradek is only installed by specially trained dealers that have been educated on the intricacies of deck waterproofing.

Vinyl Membrane Installation Details

Installation of Duradek Vinyl - Rolling Out the Vinyl
The professional installers of Duradek Vinyl know details to consider from beginning to end.

For example, if you are gluing a vinyl membrane to the deck surface, are you confident the surface will accept the adhesive without any adverse reactions to compromise its performance? Are you able to confidently heat-weld a membrane or would you take a chance with using only glue? Have you considered and installed water diverters below the membrane to deflect water away from critical details? What do you do to best protect your home from water damage where the deck meets the wall? These are just a few of the many questions and details a Duradek installer considers when working on any waterproofing project. So for the most success in installing waterproof vinyl on your deck, follow the installation recommendations by Duradek…simply call your Duradek dealer.

The Duradek Installation Guide

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