Waterproof Deck Details

Waterproofing details for your deck or flat roof, no matter how small they may seem, make the critical difference between a successful waterproofing job and an expensive lesson. There is nothing quite as disheartening as discovering that the money and time invested in your deck renovations were ineffective and resulted in the need to replace water damaged sections of your home. When your deck is not built or waterproofed correctly, all of the surrounding areas of your home is at risk of water infiltration.

The professional installers of Duradek vinyl waterproof membranes have been in the decking business for decades. For nearly 40 years, Duradek has been waterproofing decks in all North American climates and one thing is consistent no matter what the region or type of decking material used…if you cut corners on waterproof deck details, it will cost you more in the long run.

Details Matter…Especially in Waterproofing Decks and Flat Roofs

The damage from invasive water can be extensive when proper waterproofing details have been overlooked.
The damage from invasive water can be extensive when proper waterproofing details have been overlooked.

Duradek is the leader in waterproof decking and has the most tested and approved PVC vinyl on the market for use on walkable rooftop applications. Although Duradek is confident that our vinyl is the most superior product of its type available, it is the installation details that really count for how well the product performs. That is why Duradek is installed only by trained and authorized contractors that are well-versed in the intricate details of waterproofing. Many do-it-yourselfers, and many professional builders for that matter do not have the specific knowledge and experience required to ensure all of the waterproofing considerations have been carefully addressed.

A deck that was rebuilt by Duradek Installer Dek Max
Duradek of Utah / Dek Max transformed this damaged deck.

Take a look at this video clip presented by Matt at Duradek of Utah / Dek Max. Matt reviews just a few of the waterproofing details to consider with installing a waterproof vinyl membrane and highlights a couple of the details that make the Duradek difference.

Waterproofing Details You Need To Know

When you are building or renovating your deck, be sure to rely on a waterproofing professional to ensure your waterproofing will stand the test of time. Using an authorized Duradek installer is the only way to ensure you get the Duradek warranty and be secure in the knowledge that your deck has guaranteed waterproofing performance for at least 10 years.

Sure there are ways to save money on any home improvement project, but if you want the performance of your deck waterproofing project to last, make sure you do it right the first time. Some homeowners discover this through trial and error. Take a look at this example where a homeowner went through various attempts with other contractors before calling in the Duradek experts.

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