When it Comes to Waterproofing Decks, it is All in the Details

As a leader in deck and flat roof waterproofing, Duradek knows that when it comes to waterproofing decks, it is all in the details. These details are not restricted to what happens at the point of installation, but in fact are an on-going process behind the scenes, long before you’ve consulted with one of our professional installers.

Image of drawings and samples

Waterproofing Decks Best Practices

Duradek waterproof vinyl is always installed using best practices and we take every step possible to ensure that our applicators are educated with the latest installation techniques and details. Beginning with thorough product performance testing through recognized third-party organizations through to the development of detailed installation drawings, this behind-the-scenes research and development sets Duradek a cut above in North American vinyl options. Duradek Detail Drawings include specific installation details for a variety of architectural styles and elements, and the entire Duradek network strives to ensure all of our waterproof vinyl is installed to meet each area’s local building codes and perform as intended to meet or exceed the excellent 10-year product warranty  (increased to 15-year warranty in June 2019) that comes with all Duradek Ultra Vinyl membranes. The technical team at Duradek ensures new drawings and specifications are available to the architectural and building communities as the need for them develops or previous methods have evolved.

Detailed Drawing C-01
Duradek provides detailed installation drawings for all different types of architectural elements

Duradek’s Commitment to Waterproofing Decks

Duradek is committed to providing 5-star service to our industry associates in the building and architectural communities, and providing these Detail Drawings for best practices for installation is just one of the many ways Duradek offers peace of mind that the product is being installed right the first time. Duradek’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) and CAD models are also available on leading architectural website listings.

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