Deck Designs with Natural Inspirations from Duradek Vinyl Decking

Duradek – the original Walkable Roofing Membrane responded to market demands for deck designs with naturally inspired colors and textures and launched a new line in its extensive collection of 60 mil vinyl colors and patterns.

The Forest Floor line of waterproof vinyl was an instant favorite with designers and homeowners alike, and Duradek is now proud to introduce the second selection in this unique and popular pattern:

Duradek Ultra Forest Floor ALDER

Color Swatch of Forest Floor Alder
Color swatch of the new Forest Floor ALDER.
Actual color may appear different than shown based on printer or monitor calibration.

A soft and warm, earthy hue gently presents the naturally inspired fossilized leaf pattern throughout for a subtle and attractive waterproof finish on balconies, decks, and patios.

Reminiscent of an actual forest floor, Duradek Ultra Forest Floor ALDER offers a distinctive design in a soothing blend of natural tones that brings harmony to virtually any outdoor living space, and this deck desgin complements a wide range of exterior design schemes.

Forest Floor Alder and Birch
Left – new Forest Floor ALDER;
Right – Forest Floor BIRCH


Deck finished with Forest Floor Birch
Ultra Forest Floor BIRCH
Photo provided by Duradek of Georgia

Deck Designs Inspired Naturally

The flagship color for this exclusive line launched in the summer of 2011 was Duradek Ultra Forest Floor BIRCH, which offers the same distinctive fossilized leaf pattern in a cooler blend of earthy, neutral tones. This unique product is an innovative example of Duradek’s leadership in outdoor flooring. Exclusively installed by specially trained professionals, Duradek has been the leader in waterproof roofing membranes for over 35 years and provides low maintenance, stylish solutions for your outdoor living space.

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