Vinyl Decking Materials Protect Your Home From Mildew

Duradek’s vinyl decking materials have been protecting homes across the continent for over 30 years from moisture related problems. Mold (or “mould” depending which side of the 49th parallel you live) and mildew buildup has always been an issue for homeowners, especially in coastal climates. Whether the problem is new or old to you though, it can help to know what mildew actually is, where it comes from, and what you can do to control it.


What is mildew?

Speaking as plainly as possible, mildew is a very basic form of fungal plant life. It reproduces by sending small spores into the air. These spores will land on a surface, and if the conditions are right, they will grow into a new colony of mold. Visibly, mildew appears as a flat, white or grey discoloration on whatever surface it takes hold. Other forms of mold may be slimy, or fuzzy, with a great variation of color.

What is dangerous about mold and mildew?

At the very least, mildew is an ugly eyesore. It can really ruin the look of a home by leaving a stain or damaging the decking materials your deck is made from permanently. At its worst, it is a very serious health risk when left unchecked. People living in areas with mold and mildew problems can develop health problems like allergies, respiratory issues, and even toxic buildup affecting the nervous system. The longer it goes unchecked, the harder it is to get rid of. This makes it incredibly important to protect your home from such a threat.

How to control mold and mildew?

Mold and mildew thrive on three things. The first is moisture. Damp areas without much airflow are the perfect breeding grounds. The second is temperature. Though it does not require a specific temperature to breed, mold and mildew will spread much faster under a steady temperature range. This means that mild climates without much fluctuation will need to stay on guard. Lastly, mold and mildew require the right kind of food. Wood decking materials are rich in cellulose. They make a great food source for fungal plant life. The opposite is true of vinyl decking, ceramic tile, or metal railings, so if you’re just in the planning stages of building, it can be good to keep these things in mind.

How vinyl decking materials affects mildew?

As a waterproof moisture barrier, Duradek’s vinyl membrane protects the structure of your deck from mold and mildew growth in any climate, during any season. With a trained and accredited Duradek installer working with you, your deck can remain relatively maintenance free, while other homeowners must meticulously inspect their decks for any uninvited fungi.

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