Garden Decking: A Home Improvement Project Worth Planning

Being in the home improvement business for over 30 years lends some great insight into the way people are using their outdoor decking. The styles and designs might change, while many of the challenges stay the same. Conquering those challenges on a consistent basis has made us a respected voice in the vinyl decking industry.

One of the most exciting trends in home improvement in the last few years has been garden decks. Homes (and businesses) are making use of their decks to create fantastic green spaces. Vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens are being planted in custom spaces using different cement and wood planters. We love the look of these green spaces. When preparing your outdoor garden area though, it’s important not to overlook a very important factor in your decks’ design.

Gardens need water.

That may be an oversimplified statement, but it remains true. Many pots and planters are excellent at holding soil and plant life, but the excessive buildup of moisture will remain a troublesome issue for many home improvement projects. Water can collect around the bottom of large, difficult to move planters and without constant care, this water can cause serious trouble for decks that aren’t prepared to handle it.

Common problems include mildew buildup, wood rot, and even termite infestation if a problem is not detected in time. Building inspectors keep their eyes open for things like this when they see gardens prominently displayed on decks. A beautiful space might hide damages that ultimately lower the value of the property.

Knowing the dangers of moisture damage can make all the difference during the planning stages of your home improvement, designing your garden decking space. If you’re even thinking of starting your own gardening project on your decking space, be sure to get the opinion of a professional. Duradek applicators are all experienced persons, completely trained for this exact type of waterproofing. Find an approved Duradek Applicator to call here, and have them explain how they would prepare your deck for a long healthy life. Our vinyl waterproofing membrane is simply the perfect solution for these types of garden spaces. We know from experience!

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