Decks Using Vinyl Decking Material Mean Less Maintenance

All decks will need a little TLC once in a while. Be honest with yourself now. How excited are you to use that barbecue again? How ready are you to sit by the pool, and soak up some sun? Winter is over, and while the weather doesn’t always agree, we can hear the great outdoors calling us. If you have a professionally installed Duradek, you’re probably feeling pretty smart right now.

The winter can be tough for decks or outdoor living areas. Snow or excess rain will wreak havoc on wood. Homeowners must inspect their decks carefully to ensure that rot, or mildew buildup has not gotten out of hand. Many will find areas in need of repair or replacement without the proper waterproofing. Even without these problems, many decks must be repainted or prepped to withstand water damages for another year.

Vinyl decking is not maintenance free, but it certainly makes life much easier. That list of spring chores is big enough as it is. Here’s a quick checklist to get your deck ready for the sunny weather.

Give your deck a quick inspection. Vinyl decking is the best waterproofing material available, highly resistant to wear and tear, but accidents do happen. It’s best to ensure that no damages have weakened the integrity of your deck. Catching a tear early can save a lot of hassle years down the road.

Get rid of any debris (dirt, leaves, etc). Allowing natural debris to sit on our decks for too long will encourage mildew buildup. Sweep up, or use the hose to rinse it away. If you do notice some mildew, use 1 tablespoon of ammonia in 1 quart of water. Wash, rinse, and let the deck dry. Follow up with some mild soap, and water. Use a soft bristle brush on the affected area, rinse and dry again.

Plan ahead. If you’re using a charcoal barbecue, or outdoor fire-pit, make sure to keep it on a fire resistant pad made for decks. Use coasters for any heavy, or sharp items (ie: potted plants, or metal sculpture). Protect the integrity of your waterproof vinyl decking, and it will protect you for many years.

That’s it! Vinyl decking has such easy maintenance, you can make use of whatever good weather we get. No waiting for the first few sunny days to let the paint dry. No trips to the hardware store to replace rotten wood. Just get out there and enjoy the outdoors!

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