Duradek Thrives In Tough Economy

Though the last few years have been tough on the construction industry, we are beginning to see some rays of hope on the horizon. The National Association of Homebuilders has published the Improving Markets Index (IMI) for January, listing an improvement in house prices and related activities in 76 different markets. That’s a 56% jump from the December total of 41! Additionally, US census data has shown a consistent increase in construction spending over the last 5 months.

Not everyone feels optimistic about the days ahead. Who can blame them? Many are still troubled by the effects of the economic storm they’ve been through. For some, this economic upswing might be too little too late. So what about the people at Duradek?

For 38 years now, Duradek has been installed by professionals as a weatherproofing solution on backyard decks, patios, and roofs across North America. You could say we know a thing or two about weathering storms. Our quality vinyl membrane has made its name withstanding the climate on deck after deck. Where so many companies have struggled to survive in this economy though, Duradek has thrived. How?

A good deck needs good people. Our international network of loyal distributors and professional applicators have shown great pride in their work. Ingenuity has been another great factor in our success. DuraDek has expanded its lineup with new innovative products like:

Our maintenance-free, powder coated aluminum deck railing system.

The under-tile deck waterproofing PVC membrane.

Greatly simplifying the installation of duckboards and pavers.

With quality, ingenuity, and the right people, we are not only confident but excited about our future. If this is the look of a company in an economic recession, just imagine the sunny days ahead!

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