Vinyl Decking: A Safe and Affordable Alternative

When it comes time to start a new building project or the passing of time leads to the inevitable conclusion to begin a remodel, many decisions come in to play. One of the biggest decisions in both the design and financial aspect of your project comes down to the deck. Nothing is more timeless and beautiful looking like a finely crafted hardwood deck or balcony but also few things can be more expensive.


Whether it be on a rooftop of an apartment building in the trendy downtown area of the city or part of the balcony of a cozy cabin on the lake, the deck area tends to become the hub of social activities, especially in the Spring and Summer months. Of course, these areas also have to endure exposure to the rougher and wetter elements of Fall and Winter, along with other risks from being outdoors all year round and general wear and tear. Not only that but the hit taken to the budget of your project can be a very difficult hurdle to overcome. Luckily there is an affordable solution to all these setbacks and that is vinyl decking.

Vinyl decking shares many similarities to hardwood, being able to withstand the constantly changing elements and temperatures brought upon by the seasons and is quite durable. It has the added benefit of holding up better in damper areas of the world without the risk of mold and the setting in of dry rot.

Not only do you have to worry about Mother Nature but also the risk of what else is living outdoors with your deck. In wooded areas, it is all but inevitable that you will come across ants and termites. These infestations cause billions in wood damage in North America every year.

If left unchecked both of these situations can cause safety risks for family, friends and yourself. Leaving you not only the financial burden of building your deck but also with costly maintenance and upkeep. The use of vinyl decking eliminates these problems and is more affordable at the start. Leaving you with a sound mind and a heavier wallet.

These are only a few of the many benefits of choosing vinyl decking over hardwood, making this decision a simple one. When you find yourself looking into vinyl decking be sure to check out Duradek, with over 35 years within the industry they pioneered the use of vinyl membranes and provide products beyond decking for many of your project needs.

With a trained Duradek installer and easy maintenance, you’ll have less to worry about when bringing your building project to life.

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