Vinyl Decking Vs. Composite Decking – Is it all That it Appears?

For homeowners seeking low maintenance decking solutions, Duradek vinyl decking has been a proven method of providing complete waterproof protection without the need to perform labor-intensive maintenance. While this appeals to many homeowners, the introduction of composite decking products has enticed the homeowner who desires low maintenance decking with the promise of a natural wood-look for their deck.

However, with composite decking being such a relatively new building product, does the performance and appearance really provide the long-term results that homeowners desire? Articles from trusted sources like, and provide a lot of valuable information and we’ve attempted to summarize some of it here and let you decide for yourself how vinyl decking may be a much more reliable product to choose for your renovation or construction dollars.

The Appearance of Your Deck

At the point of installation, many homeowners swell with pride at how beautiful their deck looks with their shiny new composite deck boards. The smile does not last long though, as composite deck boards reportedly do not age well and tend to take on a plastic-like or artificial appearance that opposes the natural wood look the homeowner had been seeking. While most materials will show signs of aging and fading when exposed to the elements, composite deck boards have excessive issues with uneven color fading. The material can reportedly be easily scratched and cannot be resurfaced (there are some claims it is possible to resurface, but the process is surrounded by uncertainty).

Scratches in
Composite Deck
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Stain on
Composite Deck
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Staining is another common complaint with composite decking, particularly with mold. While a wood deck can also grow mold, mildew, and algae, the solution is to clean and resurface. Cleaning the composite decking requires the use of a special cleaning chemical that will kill mold, but will also remove some of the finish, making the surface more porous and therefore even more susceptible to future mold growth.

Mold on Composite Deck
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Vinyl Decking is a Proven Low-Maintenance Product

Duradek vinyl is manufactured with UV screens and stabilizers as well as mold and mildew inhibitors allowing its appearance to stand up to the elements better than other options. While the direct sun may cause any exterior surface to fade over time, Duradek incorporates UV stabilizers to resist cracking and discoloration of the vinyl. Duradek vinyl is easy to clean and care for, and does not require the use of harsh chemicals.

Deck protected by Duradek Vinyl Decking
Duradek Vinyl is a perfect, low maintenance solution
for waterproofing your deck.

Duradek also comes in an excellent selection of colors and patterns to choose from. While the vinyl patterns do not emulate the appearance of natural wood, there are many options that blend well with earthy or natural tones around your home. Unlike the composite products that will eventually tend to look like a plastic product rather than the wood it was intended to emulate, vinyl surfaces when taken care of properly with seasonal cleaning will maintain an attractive finish for many years.

For the best in authentic wood appearance in low maintenance decking solutions, Durarail, the powder-coated aluminum railing systems is now available with a rich looking wood grain finish. The powder-coated aluminum railings stand up incredibly well to the elements and the wood grain finish provided by Mayne Coatings maintains an authentic wood look over time.

Durarail Wood Finish Aluminum Railing
Durarail authentic looking wood finish provided by Mayne Coatings.

To learn more about Durarail powder-coated aluminum railings and Duradek vinyl membranes, a specially trained Duradek installer near you will be happy to answer your questions. When it comes to waterproofing decks, Duradek’s got you covered!

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