New Products

New Products from Durarail

You deck designs gain new options with the incredible new railing and fencing solutions available from Durarail.

Aluminum Base Plate CoversAluminum Railing Base Plate - Durarail

Durable aluminum base plates complete the post for clean, professional look. This two piece base plate is easy to use. Available for 1.72 or 2.5-inch posts and can be painted in any of our standard or custom colors.

Online Brochure: Aluminum Base Plate Cover

Premium Wood Grain FinishNew Product from Durarail - wood grain appearance finish

Do you like the look of wood, but without the maintenance? Duarail’s New Wood Grain Finish provides just that! This fantastic coating lends the appearance of real wood while still providing the long-lasting durability of aluminum. With a variety of wood finish colors to choose from, the authentic looking finish is often mistaken for the real thing!

Online Brochure: Wood Grain Finish

PUP Post Topless Glass SystemNew product from Durarail - the PUP post

The new generation of the topless glass railing, PUP Post provides the ultimate in versatility with a single, multi-functional post with nearly limitless options. A triple-channel design and a 60° angle variance lets you adjust to virtually any space.

Online Brochure: PUP Topless Glass System

New Product from Durarail - Park Rail top rail profilePort Royal Top Rail

A sophisticated top rail for plenty of support, the Port Royal Top Rail provides a look as strong as its performance. With a strong, beefy look you can achieve a continuous top rail look and it accommodates multiple post sizes up to a 3-inch square post.

Online Brochure: Port Royal Top Rail

Adjustable Stair RailingsNew product from Durarail - Adjustable Stair Railings

Our newest, most innovative product is the dynamic Adjustable Stair Railings. Collapsible, pre-assembled stair panels mean no need to install individual pickets on site and no need to wait for the stairs to be built for measurement as they adjust to virtually any angle.

Online Brochure: Adjustable Stair Railings

Cable Railing SystemNew product from Durarail - Cable Railing System

The stylish and contemporary Cable Railing System brought to you by Durarail in partnership with Ultra-Tec brings a sleek, modern look and a superior air-flow to this view-through option.

Online Brochure: Cable Railing System

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