Pulte Homes Uses Duradek on New Housing Development

Duradek are Durarail are one of the balcony products of choice for Pulte Homes, one of America’s largest homebuilders. Pulte Homes has maintained a disciplined approach to construction over the last 50 years and has homes in over 35 markets across the country. Over the years, Pulte Homes has won more awards for customer satisfaction than any other homebuilder and it is their unwavering commitment to quality and choosing quality products like Duradek that demonstrates that commitment to excellence.

U.S. New Privately-Owned Housing Units Authorized by Metropolitan Area: 2011 Map
U.S. New Privately-Owned Housing Units Authorized by Metropolitan Area: 2011

According to the U.S. Census Bureau News Joint Release from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released on October 17th, 2012, residential construction statistics show that new housing construction is on the rise, particularly with multi-residential developments. A good example of this type of development is the Pulte Homes development of the MetroWest community in Fairfax, Virginia. This community of luxury townhomes and townhome condominiums offers the best in quality and style so it was a natural choice to include balconies and rooftop decks finished with the attractive and dependable Duradek vinyl to provide reliable waterproof protection. Designed to be low maintenance, Duradek and Durarail are the perfect choices due to their durability and long-lasting performance that requires very little cleaning maintenance to keep looking great.

Duradek on the Townhome Condominiums

The MetroWest community has two distinct styles of Townhome Condominiums: The “Lafayette” and the “Saratoga”, with the desirable Saratoga including a Duradek balcony off of the kitchen.

MetroWest Condominium Balconies by Duradek
MetroWest Condominium Balconies by Duradek


MetroWest Townehome Condominium Balconies by Duradek
MetroWest Townehome Balconies by Duradek


Duradek on the Townhomes

There are three styles of townhomes at the MetroWest community: The “Blake”, “Stuart” and “Tyler”. All are available with decks, and as the design includes placement of some of the decks overtop of the first floor garage, it is imperative that the deck waterproofing perform as a roofing grade membrane to fully protect the structure underneath.

MetroWest Townhome Roofdeck
MetroWest Townhome Rooftop Deck
Protected by Duradek

This is where Duradek is clearly the vinyl waterproof membrane of choice as it offers a walkable surface with roof grade waterproof protection. In a choice of over two dozen styles and colors, Duradek has a look for any homeowner, including the proud new homeowners of a MetroWest townhome.

MetroWest Townhome Rooftop Decks by Duradek
Duradek and Durarail are the perfect low-maintenance combination for Roof Grade Waterproof Protection on Walkable Rooftop Decks
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