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Vancouver Fall Home Show - Duradek Booth #122

The Vancouver Fall Home Show is a ‘Can’t-Miss’ October Event!

Just in time for nesting season, the Vancouver  Fall Home Show is packed full of ideas, inspiration, and resources. With all of that, it is easy to make your home the perfect combination of comfort, style, and function. Whatever your lifestyle desires, you can find it.

The Vancouver Fall Home Show is always a valuable resource for BC residents looking for home improvement and lifestyle inspiration. As we adjust from our gorgeous summer into the fall/winter nesting season, this annual event gives us something to look forward to. Leading into the chilly northern winter months, the Vancouver Home and Design Show is the perfect way to gather ideas for your home renovation plans for the coming year.

Vancouver Fall Home Show 2018

The annual Vancouver Fall Home Show is a favourite annual event for Vancouverites. This exciting home design and lifestyle event takes place Thursday, October 18th and runs until Sunday, October 21st, 2018. The show is conveniently located at the Vancouver Convention Center West with ample parking and transit.

As rainy season descends on the Greater Vancouver region, you may not be focused on your decks and balconies. But now is the time you will start to discover if you’ve got any water leak issues. Don’t let avoiding your deck waterproofing turn into larger, more expensive renovations down the road.

Many of us desire a really great deck or other outdoor living space that does not require a lot of work or expense to maintain. That is why you should stop by the Duradek booth #122.

If you’ve got any questions about deck waterproofing, this could be the most important stop you make at the Vancouver Home & Design Show. Duradek has been waterproofing decks, balconies and rooftop decks for over 40 years. Because of that proven history, we are confident we offer you the best waterproofing expertise needed for your outdoor living space. Take a moment to discuss Duradek’s excellent warranty with one of our specially trained and authorized installers.

The 2018 Vancouver Fall Home Show Duradek Professionals

In addition to all of the Duradek staff on hand at our booth this year, you will find the following authorized Duradek dealers at the show:

Duradek Legacy Cedarwood Vinyl Decking with Durarail Aluminum Railings (on display at the Vancouver Fall Home Show in 2018)

Duradek’s latest vinyl decking option, Legacy Cedarwood, is on display at the 2018 Vancouver Fall Home Show.

But there’s a lot more to see at the Vancouver Home & Design Show than just finding your perfect decking solution…

Highlights of the 2018 Vancouver Fall Home Show

Ask the Experts Stage

This new feature of the show is where you find the answers to any of your home renovation and maintenance questions. Presented by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA), local designers, builders, and renovators will help you make sure your home projects are on the right track. Seminars and consultations are available along with other resources to help empower you to conquer your home projects like a pro!

Duradek is a proud member of the GVHBA and is your participating ‘decking expert’ in the Ask an Expert program. We are here to help you discover how to build the deck of your dreams, matching your needs with your budget.

The Urban Barn Main Stage

The industry’s top home and design professionals take the stage to share tips and techniques to help with your home renovation or design projects. Interior design celebrities such as hosts of Cabin Pressure, Colin & Justin and HGTV’s Todd Talbot from Love it or List it Vancouver will keep you captivated with their insights. Vancouver’s own Interior Design superstar, Jamie Banfield will also take the stage and leave you with an array of ideas to take home with you.

Fulgor Milano Cooking Stage

This is your chance to get schooled by some of Vancouver’s top chefs. In-depth demo’s from local culinary masters like Bruno Feldeisen, David Jorge and more will have your mouth watering and anticipating getting into your own kitchen to put your new skills to use!

Duradek Booth #122

Duradek and its superior method of deck waterproofing by trained installers may be the most important exhibitor you visit if you’ve got a decking project in your future.

Fall is the perfect time to begin your research on a deck renovation.

Duradek professional installers with their detailed waterproofing experience are in high demand. Because of this, many people who look for their expertise in the busy spring and summer months are disappointed with longer than anticipated wait times.

Ask for a quote now so that you are ready to have your beautiful new deck built for your enjoyment early spring. Alternately, get a jump on things and start now. If you get that second level deck covered in Duradek this fall,  you’ll have a dry, protected area below. It’s always great to have some outdoor living space you can use through the rainy winter months.

On display at the 2018 Vancouver Fall Home Show - Duradek Arctic Quartz and Duradek Desert Quartz

At the 2018 Vancouver Fall Home Show, you will see Duraek’s newest line of waterproof vinyl decking – Quartz. Seen here, Arctic Quartz on the left and Desert Quartz on the right.

Why Fall is the Best Time to Plan & Research Your Deck Renovation

Even though peak season for enjoying your deck has passed, autumn is a great time to start planning your deck renovations or deck make-overs. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the labour it takes to maintain the waterproofing on your wood deck. Maybe this year you skipped your deck waterproofing maintenance completely and are uncertain what condition your deck will be in next spring.

With the amount of rain we have on the west coast, waterproofing should definitely be a topic you look into when visiting the Vancouver Fall Home Show. If you have a deck, you probably want it to stay solid, safe and attractive for as long as possible…a deck that lasts for generations (see video at bottom of post). The best way to make your deck last is to protect it from the elements with a reliable waterproofing product. That’s where Duradek’s expertise comes in.

Duradek Dealers are In-demand Decking Experts

Duradek installers will be on-hand throughout the show to answer any of your decking questions or arrange to come out to assess your deck and provide you with a free estimate.  Remember, when water gets into the structure, wood rot can develop slowly over time. If it goes unnoticed, what once could have been a small repair can easily become a complete rebuild!

Even if you don’t want to start your decking project until spring, making your deck renovation or building plans in the fall by consulting with your contractor is a really smart move. This will help you to get your project scheduled and completed when you want it. If you wait until spring and summer, you may be waiting longer than you think. Decking specialists are in demand – and the seasonal demand for decking means their spring and summer availability disappears quickly!

Your Deck can be the Best Part of Your Home – All Year, Every Year

You probably miss spending time out on your deck relaxing, barbecuing and enjoying time with family and friends…unless you are lucky enough to have quality outdoor living space that works for year-round use. Come to talk to us if you are interested in learning how Duradek naturally transforms your elevated deck into a roof for a lower patio to enjoy some dry outdoor space all year.

A lot of home show attendees already have had Duradek on their decks for many years It’s probably still performing its waterproofing function perfectly fine. However, if you are interested in updating the look of your deck, we’ve got some fantastic new patterns and colours.

Since Duradek vinyl decking is one of the easiest ways to transition your living space from the indoors to the outdoors to expand your usable living space, we make it easy for you to find a style that suits the look of your home. With 10 styles and 26 colours to choose from, we’ve got something for nearly every taste…and all with the same low-maintenance advantages for reliable waterproofing.

Functionality and aesthetics combine in one product solution that allows you to enjoy the look of your outdoor living space while being confident that it is keeping your home water-tight….all without the need for annual maintenance! A simple one-time application and your Duradek is ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.

In a rainforest region that is very vulnerable to water infiltration, this could be the most important stop for you at the Home Show….we hope to see you there!

Duradek at the Vancouver Fall Home Show

A long-standing participating exhibitor in both the fall and spring Vancouver Home Shows, Duradek is one of the most recognizable brands for deck waterproofing in British Columbia. Not surprisingly, Duradek was originally created in B.C. over 40 years ago. Since then, Duradek has been joined by various other vinyl manufacturers that contributed to some confusion to homeowners. (Some contractors refer to all vinyl decking as ‘Duradek’, even though it may have been manufactured by less reliable sources). Even with many other options now in the marketplace, Duradek maintains its position as the #1 most tested and recognizable vinyl brands available.

With headquarters based in the Greater Vancouver area, the team at Duradek always anticipates The Vancouver Home and Design show. It is the perfect opportunity for homeowners to compare their options and plan for any renovations, upgrades or other investments into their homes.

Come by and check us out. You will find us at booth #122 on the west perimeter heading towards the main stage.

To get information on other shows where Duradek is participating, please see our Trade Shows and Home Shows page.

Can’t Make it to the Vancouver Fall Home Show?

If you can’t make it down to the show but think it might be time to give your deck some attention, feel free to reach out to one of our trained and authorized dealers to get a free estimate on your decking project.

Now is the perfect time to reach out before spring arrives. Duradek installers are the equivalent of contracting gold!

If you already have a Duradek vinyl deck, check out our Fall Deck Maintenance Tips to be sure you get the most enjoyment from your deck this season and all year long.

Past Vancouver Fall Home Show Highlights

Vancouver Fall Home Show 2017

You may have seen Duradek at booth #122 on the show floor perimeter on the west side of the exhibit hall on your way towards the main stage.

Vancouver Fall Home Show 2017 - Duradek Booth

At the Vancouver Fall Home Show 2017, Duradek introduced Arctic Quartz vinyl decking as a new product available for spring 2018.

This year, the popular main stage included great celebrity headliners. Professionals like the award-winning designer and TV personality, Sarah Richardson or Kortney and Dave Wilson from Masters of Flip were available. It didn’t stop there. Many other talented design and lifestyle professionals graced the stage with tips, insights, and inspiration.

While those presenters were definitely not to miss, you wouldn’t have wanted to miss Duradek either! That’s because we can help you plan for your deck renovation so that come spring, you have nothing to do but simply enjoy your outdoor living space.

In fall of 2017, Duradek presented our newest line and colours of designer vinyl decking – Desert Quartz and Arctic Quartz. After the successful introduction of Desert Quartz in 2016, we listened to homeowners’ design preferences. Due to feedback, we decided to include an option that fits well with the popular grey colour trends in both interior and exterior design.

Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show 2016

Vancouver Fall Home Show 2016 - Duradek Booth

At the 2016 Vancouver Fall Home Show, Duradek showcased our Legacy Line of naturally inspired vinyl decking and introduced Desert Quartz as our new colour for spring 2017.

Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show 2015

The much-anticipated annual Vancouver Home & Design Show took place from October 22 – 25, 2015. The show found a new home this year, leaving its former location of BC Place Stadium for the new location at the Vancouver Convention Center West. The Duradek booth found a new home on the west perimeter of the exhibit hall floor towards the main stage at booth #122.

Vancouver Fall Home Show 2015 - Duradek Booth

At the Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show 2015, at its new home at the Vancouver Convention Center, Duradek showcased our unique Forest Floor vinyl decking pattern.

This year Duradek was proud to introduce the new LEGACY line of vinyl decking patterns and colors that were inspired by natural colours and textures. This vinyl decking line was created in 2014 to honor Duradek’s 4oth year in business, proudly protecting decks throughout North America.

Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show 2014

The Vancouver Home & Design show took place at BC Place Stadium, October 16 – 19th, 2014. This year’s annual Home Show offered something for everyone with a diverse selection of exhibitors covering everything from building your home to decorating and entertaining in it.

Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show 2014 - Duradek Booth

At the 2014 Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show, Duradek introduced the Legacy Line of vinyl decking, with wood grain look and aggregate pebble look of vinyl decking patterns.

But as rainy season descended upon the Greater Vancouver region, Duradek and its superior method of deck waterproofing may have been the most important exhibitor you visited. Besides visiting Duradek at booth #1755, some of the highlights from 2014 were:

  • Opening Night Soiree where you can win prizes and mingle with some of the top talents in Vancouver’s design scene.
  • HGTV Main Stage appearances with celebrity guests like W-Networks Jillian Harris & Todd Talbot.
  • Junior Chef Challenge.
  • The BC Hydro Dream Home.
  • The Upcycling Challenge.
  • Ask a Designer.
  • …and much more!

Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show 2014 HGTV Main Stage Celebrity Guests

Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show 2014 - Duradek Booth

At the 2014 Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show, Duradek introduced the Legacy Line of vinyl decking, with wood grain look and aggregate pebble look of vinyl decking patterns.

Bryan Baeumler, Master Contractor – the Gemini-award winning host of HGTV’s ‘Leave it to Bryan’ and ‘House of Bryan’ took the HGTV Main Stage on October 17th and October 18th. Popular for his no-nonsense approach, Bryan started his first handyman business at the age of 14. Bryan loves taking questions from the audience at his live appearances. So of course, this was a great opportunity to ask this master builder anything!

Colin McAllister & Justin Ryan of Cabin Life TV’s ‘Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure’ also made an appearance on the main stage on Saturday. Vancouverites could take the opportunity to get first-hand advice from the two who have a regularly featured column in the Vancouver Sun.

These celebrity guests and several more took the Metrie Main Stage throughout the show.

Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show 2013

The 2013 Vancouver Home & Design Show took place Thursday, October 17th to Sunday, October 20th, 2013 at BC Place Stadium. As always, it was the perfect way to gather ideas for home renovation plans for the coming year.

Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show 2013 - Duradek Booth

At the 2013 Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show, Duradek showcased the exciting new colours of the Cork line of vinyl decking – Macchiato and Espresso.

The show featured some exciting celebrity guests, some great design ideas and the best home renovation products to add to your wish list. Of course, this included Duradek vinyl deck membranes and Durarail aluminum railing systems at booth #537.

But the show wasn’t just all about serious home renovation issues…there was a lot of fun to be had as well. In addition to speaking to a Duradek professional deck waterproofing specialist, The Vancouver Home and Design Show offered an abundance of appearances by building, design and real estate celebrities to enjoy. Attendees had  the opportunity to see:

  • The HGTV Mainstage for appearances by a variety of celebrity guests such as
    • Love it or List it hosts, Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot.
    • The Property Brothers hosts, Jonathan and Drew Scott.
    • Paint Legend and creator of ‘chalk paint’, Annie Sloan.
    • Feng Shui Master, Marlyna Los.
    • Design Expert, Alykhan Velji.
  • The Urban Barn’s Next Top Designer Challenge – local designers showcase their unique design style and the 3 finalists compete at the show.
  • Shop Til You Drop with:
    •  Design District.
    •  Portobello West.
    •  M(ART)KET.
  •  The Cooking Stage – Non-stop ideas and inspiration for your culinary pleasure.
  •  GVHBA Renovation Gallery – tips and tricks for coming through every home improvement project unscathed.
  •  Western Living Lounge – a luxurious pause when you need a break.
  • …and more!

Vancouver Fall Home & Design Show 2012

The show took place at BC Place Stadium Thursday, October 11th to Sunday, October 14th. This annual home show offered something for everyone. It included a diverse selection of exhibitors covering everything from building your home to decorating and entertaining. Duradek invited you to visit us at booth #537 to learn all about how our waterproofing solutions could help you with your next deck renovation.

Vancouver Home and Design Show - October 11 -14th,2012 BC Place Stadium

The HGTV Main Stage Celebrity Guests

The mainstage celebrity guests featured Bryan Baeumler, Master Contractor. The Gemini-award winning host of HGTV’s ‘Leave it to Bryan’ and ‘House of Bryan’ took the HGTV Main Stage on Friday, October 12th. Popular for his no-nonsense approach, Bryan started his first handyman business at the age of 14. This year he joined Canada’s Handyman Challenge as a judge.

The main stage also featured Jillian Harris, Interior Designer. Familiar from popular shows such as the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, Jillian has also been a part of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and HGTVs Handyman Challenge. You can now watch for her on W-Network’s ‘Love it or List it Vancouver’. Jillian took the Mainstage on Friday, October 12th and Saturday, October 13th.

In addition to visiting Duradek at the 2012 Vancouver Home and Design Show, some of the highlights were:

  • HGTV Main Stage appearances
  • Savor Your Life Cooking Stage
  • Opening Night Bake-Off
  • Shop Art – Exhibit of Vancouver Artists
  • Western Living Lounge
  • Vancouver Preparedness Show
  • GVHBAS Renovation Gallery
  • Ask A Decorator
  • Design Through the Decades
  • Portobello West

Get a Deck That Lasts for Generations

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