New Home Builder Creates Lifestyle with Roof Decks

Meeting outdoor living space needs within budget in new home development

Meeting outdoor living space needs within budget can be a challenge for some builders. Forward-thinking developers at Sego Homes realized the outdoor living market was a rapidly growing segment of the residential development business. Not only was outdoor living space a growing residential lifestyle preference, but it was also a way to increase the usable square footage of a home.

To take full advantage of the potential of this insight, their talented designers had the vision to incorporate roof decks into their residential designs. This meant maximizing usable space (and overall value) without increasing the footprint of the building.

Building New Home Roof Deck by Sego Homes
New home developers, Sego Homes, met outdoor living needs by incorporating rooftop decks into their homes.

To accomplish that, it was important to use products that met building code requirements. Further, it was critical to use skilled installers.

Since Duradek fulfilled both of those criteria, a relationship with Duradek of Utah developed.

Meeting outdoor living space demands with a Walkable Roofing Membrane

Duradek’s trained installers and proven waterproofing techniques ensure the Duradek PVC membrane is incorporated into the building envelope, protecting common points of vulnerability.

While other builders shy away from these forward-thinking designs, Sego Homes was able to confidently proceed. Having worked with Duradek of Utah previously, they understood the Duradek system. This trust in the Duradek system and in Duradek of Utah was paramount in their ability to plan for luxurious roof decks.

View from bedroom to roof deck
There is a natural flow from indoor to outdoor living space with roof decks.

Duradek Ultra Heritage Agate provided the ideal single-product solution. It acts as the roofing membrane and the pedestrian surface for the rooftop decks. This allows an easy and natural solution for the flow of living space from the indoors to the outdoors.

New Home Roof Deck for Outdoor Living Space by Sego Homes & Duradek of Utah
The low maintenance advantages of Duradek roof deck membranes allow for more leisure time and less work. A true benefit to the homeowners.
New Home Roof Deck in Salt Lake City, UT
New homes with roof decks provide an economical solution for a luxurious home feature and lifestyle advantages.

New home development meeting outdoor living space needs within budget AND gaining recognition

Sego Homes Daybreak Community was a winner in the 2016 Salt Lake City Parade of Homes. Incorporating roof decks showcased the brilliant designs and quality building practices of Sego Homes that put the needs of the homeowner first.

New Home Roof Deck at Night

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #180 with project photos and installer details.

Photos courtesy of Sego Homes.

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